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Highlight Of 2015: “Tier 1 Wrestling x B-Boy Royale II”

"Tier 1 Wrestling" & "McDonalds B-Boy Royale II" | Credit: Tier 1 & McDonald's

Written by: J. Johnson

Like 2015, we’re striving to make 2016 as eventful as possible. Many opportunities have presented itself and we took them for the betterment of SPARX. In August of 2015, we attended an event that showcased the passion of dancing from some tremendous dancers that only want to share their talent with everyone around the world. The McDonald’s Tri-State has been running this event for two years and after seeing the highlights of the first event, it was something we had to witness live. The experience was unlike anything we’ve witnessed before, meeting so many amazing individuals from the crew to the dancers themselves. With each round of the event, you could see the thrill and innovation in each move. Bringing the heat of creativity in breaking dance (especially in NY) is mind blowing with it’s seen.

In the finals, it came down to two teams ‘Team Entrée vs. Beast Coast’. Both crews throughout the night have shown three keys factors to get them here which are: unity, creativity, and intensity. Team Entrée took the teamwork route to capturing the win, but the judges decided on Beast Coast to win it all and be the champions of the 2nd annual McDonald’s B-Boy Royale. We truly thank McDonald’s Tri-State organization for the invitation.

Later in the year, we had another opportunity, but this time, it was for a wrestling promotion. A wrestling promotion that had already made their debut with two shows “A New Hope”, “Rumble In the Concrete Jungle which offered some amazing storytelling through the use of pure wrestling and the side of entertainment peppered in some matches. Tier 1 would hold their third event “Rise Or Die Trying” in Long Island, NY. The show was full of amazing talent from all over trying to make a name for themselves.

A lot of pro-wrestlers cast their shadow of glory by doing exactly what the title of the show was built as. They rose or they were going “die” trying to make a name for themselves. We were fortunate enough to meet a veteran of the sport his name is Luke Hawx. Let me tell you he’s one of those guys that goes out there each and every night when he performs you will know why he became a wrestler. Not only learning that we always discovered how much of a human being he is. You can preconceive notions about people, but until you talk to them you’ll never know what they are about. With all that and the exciting moments that followed provided by the Tier 1 roster, it’s great to say we had a blast and we thank Tier 1 Wrestling for allowing us to experience it.

Here’s the mini highlight video & the album from our experience(s) at “Tier 1 Wrestling: Rise Or Die Trying” (2015) & “McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II (2015)”:

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