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“Best Of…” Video Games Of 2015

"Fallout 4" (2015) | Credit: Bethesda

“Fallout 4” (2015) | Credit: Bethesda

IV. Fallout (2015)
Apocalypse means anything in this day and age, but imagine being in a post-apocalyptic world and being able to build on survival, or maybe seeing an AT-AT from a galaxy far far away! Thank God for mods… or those who were created to make said mods…. Anyways, Fallout 4 didn’t blow me away like the previous iteration did, but it did keep me thoroughly entertained and fully vested in journeying across the wasteland.

On the surface, Fallout 4 looks like a worthy, if not terribly exciting, continuation of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises. My initial impression of the game was lukewarm. It was fun. I loved my canine companion, scavenging for precious resources, exploding Raider faces from afar using V.A.T.S., and watching my lady character gradually transform into a true warrior of the wasteland. The game starts out somewhat slow, especially if this isn’t your first time. Aside from a pre-apocalypse bit at the very beginning, it follows the formula established by Fallout 3’s memorable prologue — choose a survivor, spend way too much time customizing your survivor, get in the vault, escape the vault, wait a minute for your eyes to adjust to the wasteland’s horrific beauty, pick your jaw up off the floor, accept your first mission, ignore your first mission, treat the world like it’s Black Friday and you’re the only one in line.

A lot of what’s new isn’t immediately apparent, it takes time to seek out. That’s true for most things, with the exception of the base-building, which is arguably the game’s most ambitious feature. In Fallout 4, you can use the endless amount of supplies you’ll recover while adventuring to invest in the construction of bases.

Forming a character that suits your play-style is simple, and while it’s still important to prioritize the traits you want the most for your specific build, the nonexistent level cap means all of them can be unlocked with enough playtime. Shoot, if you can see “One Punch Man” make an appearance, or Buzz Lightyear there’s a variety of possiblities for your character to best suit this post-apocalyptic world. Just watch out for those hordes of Radscorpions. AH! CHILLS!

You can’t build just anywhere, the spots are predetermined and there are plenty of them to keep you busy until next Spring. The combat has never done much to elevate the gameplay in this series, but that’s no longer a hindrance thanks to some necessary refinements to the shooting mechanics and a tweaked V.A.T.S.

The level design may be the most surprising evolution I noticed in the environments. Towns aren’t merely fields sprinkled with buildings, they’re more fluid. It hasn’t reached the near-perfection of dedicated shooters like Halo or Call of Duty, but perfection isn’t a realistic goal when you have an arsenal built from pipes, screws and a good old fashioned desire to not let an apocalypse stand between us and our right to murder living things with guns. What would humanity do without them, pool our remaining resources and unite to ensure our species has a future? Not in my America.

As Bethesda’s “Welcome Home” marketing campaign teases, when fans of Fallout 3 or New Vegas enter this new world, it’ll feel strangely familiar. As one of the top games of the previous generation, this isn’t a bad thing at all. Fallout 4 has all of the trappings that can keep you engaged for days on end.

Now I can sit here and bore you with in an inch of your life, but I won’t hence why there’s only 4 games out dozens that deserves to be on this list, but hey at least the games on here made some sort of impact! Oh no listen, 2015 has been amazing in the video game world, but amazing enough to see the next gen engines use it to the advantage to please the even time-tested fans of certain franchises. We’ve survived 60+ hours of a post-apocalyptic gameplay, along with the chief supposedly going AWOL, redefining a sports entertainment universe, and fighting factions to see ‘Who’s Next!’ to reach the end of 2015 in video games. We all can hope that 2016, has an impact in video games like this year. Oh yes we hope!

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