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Jay Park: AOMG and The Re:Birth

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Part II – The music side of this accomplished artist can be mentioned in many ways. Inspiring, brilliant, proficient, and endowed are to name a few, but Jay Park’s music can simply be described as masterful. When you have talent that can shape, save, and even alter the framework of a human being that speaks volumes of un-comprehensive proportions. Previous mentioned “Work hard. Play hard.” Seems to be the motto that the guided CEO unofficially lives by.

He does for his fellow singers and family that inspires him to reach the peaks of success that see no limit. Although the taste of success has reached the pacific forefront of fans that support Jay Park, there’s still markets to be left untouched by him and his band of talented rising superstars.


In creating AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) in 2013, Jay Park founded AOMG in late September 2013. He had initially signed producer Jun Goon (전군), artist and producer Gray, and Cha Cha Malone, a producer and a dancer with Jay Park’s dance crew “AOM.” Artist Elo and Loco joined soon after. Simon D announced he had joined the label as a co-CEO several months after his departure from former label Amoeba Culture, on March 10, 2014. This was branded as the “RE:BiRTH” of the organization.

 “I wanted do something fun with the people I like.” Jay Park would go on to state, “If Simon D or I wanted to make money, and we would’ve joined an agency. But right now, sharing what I like with others and making new things are more enjoyable for me. I have many mouths to feed as the co-CEO. I will be working hard on everything.

Jay Park

Not only has he and the others established a legacy for themselves, but the intention of creating AOMG seems to excel way beyond the limitations for some to doubt. Even in its one year history each artist individually has contributed to the AOMG venture musically or through business. It only seems Jay Park and co-CEO Simon D has a clear vision on where they want to go. Only time can dictate such a heading that the only support fans can do is to continue using their ears to bring the AOMG label to heights never seen before, whether it be Loco, Gray, DJ Pumkin, or Jay Park himself.

The overall message that Jay Park wants to send is that the Korean pop genre can be appreciated by everyone all over the world. This message, Jay Park and his talented musical shapeshifters is something that can be achieved. Only take the strength of the dedication, great planning, and the courtesy of the great fan base.

In the video, “So Good” which was released on August 31st, 2014 depicted some of the world’s most recognized music talents, but most notably Michael Jackson (The King of Pop). His choreography was some of the legend’s dance moves along with a mixture of his own moves as well. The “So Good” track speaks volumes of love and affection that everyone can relate to. The message is clear for this artist turned CEO, when it comes to his label and the fans that support him.

Unite, togetherness, entertainment for everyone’s related situations Jay Park, Simon D, and the very talent AOMG-ist will leave their footprint in the world through the influence music can rally out of people.

On October 2, Asian Music Festival organizers SIVA Group announced that Jay Park and AOMG artists Simon Dominic (Simon D.), Loco, Gray, and DJ Pumpkin would be performing at New York’s Stage 48 on November 15.

This independent music label founded by Jay Park and Simon Dominic, whose mission is to produce unique R&B performers, as well as hip-hop artists.

Jay Park recently released the hip-hop and R&B album “Evolution,” a seventeen track album which also features Simon Dominic, Loco, and Gray. In 2014, Jay Park appeared at the K-Pop Night Out during SXSW. Jay Park last toured toured the United States in 2012 as part of Verizon’s APAHM Tour. His other notable performances include his appearance at MTV World Stage. Jay Park has also served the official ambassador for the R-16 b-boy tournament from 2011-2013.

Simon Dominic is notably one of the most versatile rappers in Korean hip-hop. He is a former member of the duo Supreme Team, who co-founded AOMG with Jay Park following his departure from Amoeba Culture.

Loco was the winner of season one of “Show Me The Money” who released the hit single “Hold Me Tight” in March 2014.

Gray has received acclaim for his vocals and rap flow, since he debuted with AOMG in September 2013 with the album “Call Me Gray.”


With each artist that will be on the tour and holding their own accolades to the label and their individual careers, this tour dubbed ‘United States Tour’ will gain them that edge of opening the door to broadening the fan base in a united front.

Like previously said before, you can only respect the fact that he’s another example of how you must always work hard before you can play hard with your life. Only thing this move for AOMG will do is just produce a flourish of success if executed right and with this collective group of talented artist that vision will be lived and continued for years to come.

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