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Written by: J. Johnson

Nearing the new year doesn’t seem like comedy the talk of many conversations around the dinner table or social gatherings of the casual person. Nor has it been able to dethrone the superhero and action genre of film, tv, and media specials that has flood the entertainment waves as of late. With all of that being presented that doesn’t stop the veterans of comedy or the up and coming comedians discovering themselves in this vigorous form of entertainment.

In 2015, one rising comedian; well artist-actor-father-husband is one of many comedians in the NYC area making his name known not just for his music, but delivery to cut a joke for the people who come out to support. His name is MC Jin it’s very ironic when you say the name because it fits perfect for the stage. He’s been on stage for a majority of his life whether it’s performing a classic of his back from the Ruff Ryder days or a new comedy line from his recent set he wants to sharpen up, MC Jin treads lightly with the shows he performs in.

You don’t rush the scene, you nurture that art to develop something grand for the ones that are willing to hold onto your every word. Can’t say if that’s the approach of MC Jin, but you can definitely see that he’s not one to rush into any set. Even when he does the open mic sets around the areas of NYC, he’s prepped a bit to throw some mock magic at the audience. Once he a response is engaged he capitalizes on that with a joke he’s revamped in terms of delivery and substance.

MC Jin during his special "NAS vs. NBA" | Credit: MC Jin

MC Jin during his special “NAS vs. NBA” | Credit: MC Jin

#AsianFamous is a way of targeting the most recent comedy venture MC Jin took this past November. It was something of a play on the response of two different sets of people. He called the event “NAS vs. NBA” which stood for (No Asians Specifically vs. Nothing But Asians). Now given the centralized idea of this special being simple, you can tell what’s being done. It’s definitely something never done before (or at least probably not in the United States) to see how two groups of people react to the same set of jokes. MC Jin.

What drives a comedian to experiment in that way? For a reaction? A split differentiation in the audience? Maybe it’s something to develop their talent even further? Or possibly for the simple fact, it’s to have fun? MC Jin did this purely for all those reasons above. It’s not anything different, but a good way to keep a level head and develop the routine for yourself by adding new jokes or sharpening classic jokes.

If you missed it then, it’s highly suggested that you watch it before it’s possibly taken down. Although MC Jin has many more shows, specials, and events in the future to see him live, why wait that long? On New Years Day, MC Jin becomes #AsianFamous as he streams the event on his official website.

Don’t forget to follow up on MC Jin: MC Jin | @iammcjin | IG: MC Jin | MC Jin on YouTube

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