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J. Johnson Review: “Amen” [MV] Jae Jin

Jae Jin's album has been reviewed as an amazing album in the genre of soul. "Amen" is just one of nine other songs that will get you emotionally charged up to listen.

Written by: J. Johnson

Music is one of life’s fruits that can be universal. It will never die unless every person living gives up on it and forgets the underlying message it conveys. That message can be for you to inspire others, motive yourself, or reminiscence a time that evokes an emotion one may have forgotten. Whatever the message is in a certain song you will always remember it as a favorite. It’s the reason why music is the universal language no matter the barrier that exist in any community around the world.

In the late Summer, Jae Jin was that artist that I discovered who could evoke a certain emotion that may have been forgotten or have a song that could convey a motivational message. Jin, had already been recognized as an artist who had a voice that could turn you into an instant fan of his. The soul is present in every song he does no matter the medley playing in the background. In my opinion Jae Jin was that new artist to look out for. Especially with his recent album KAIROS giving the fans of his past and present a glimpse of the potential future for Jae Jin.

Even with a few months after the initial release of KAIROS, Jae Jin has been able to achieve a distribution of his album in South Korea via Sony Music Entertainment that has two bonus tracks. It’s a huge step when you can achieve such a milestone internationally. From his 10 song album, one song that plays at the end will have you in tears as it sturms at your heartstrings. “Amen” has a message where he’s speaking about himself and everyone in general. I had to listen to the whole album which made me appreciate this song better.

It’s telling you not waste any moment in life. To make the best of what you got as life is the most precious source of anybody’s existence. As life begins you will not understand anything about it until you start to explore the wonders of it. Once the day comes when life is about to end you must reflect about the time you had, the precious moments that made life so precious. Each one of us has gone through some test and if you can overcome that test of life then, everything in your life will valued better.

Jae Jin has made a MV to “Amen” and it definitely will get your emotions running at an all time high.

Kairos’ is available now on iTunes . Keep yourself up-to-date with Jae Jin & all his music endeavors on: | @jaejinmusic | Jae Jin

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