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‘KAIROS’ (2015) – Jae Jin

Written By J. Johnson

It’s been a month or so since we’ve opened our ears to the soul-penetrating style of Jae Jin. He truly has a gift that has been blessed to him and it’s clear that he’s not losing any steam for the long term. For example, his choice of remaining hands-on with his music in the creative sense provides the authentic sounds only Jae Jin has produced for the fans. Some may have their opinions about this decision, but it’s admirable.

A time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action; the opportune and decisive moment.

KAIROS alternative artwork; Jae Jin | Credit: Jae Jin

KAIROS alternative artwork; Jae Jin | Credit: Jae Jin

An appropriate name for the debut album of Jae Jin as he’s earned that right after listening to an incredible album from in my honest opinion has now become my favorite artist (next to Miyavi). First thing’s first, we here at Sparx Entertainment would love to give our deepest thanks to Jae Jin for giving us an opportunity to listen to his debut album early. All 10 tracks had a message and a true passion behind the lyrics. If you never listen to music for the lyrics or you do then, this album would be a huge recommendation for any fan of music.

Although I don’t know Jae personally, I do know that there’s a story he’s trying to tell in those songs along with the other 8 tracks: “Running” well my co-worker Sean Wall had his opinion about this song for the song, but I have to say that mine exceeded his with the thought that Jae Jin is truly a future icon that wouldn’t surprise me seeing on the BIG stage performing with the likes of Sam Smith, Rihanna, or Janelle Monae. Like Sean Wall I do love the chorus: Jae Jin would release two songs; those being “Running” & “When It Finds You”, from the album that gave you a taste of what’s to come. Let me say that if you haven’t heard those two songs you need to download them (links below).

Feel the sun 
Rising from below
I keep running, I keep running

Speaks volumes if you hear the words and understand what Jae Jin means. It’s a journey that all those who listen can appreciate the journey he went to make the song. As you transition through the album, the vocals take your emotions and plays jump rope with them. Sending you through a wave of musical prowess that will make you want to sing-along with him. However, I do have my favorites. “When It Finds You”, “Running“, “All Caught Up”, “Wild Creatures”, and “Chemo Song”. Not saying any of the other ones didn’t have any sort of impact, but the ones mentioned are ones that I loved a lot. “All Caught Up” has this ‘Roaring 20’s’ feel tone to it.

Jae Jin (NYC) | Credit: Jae Jin

Jae Jin (NYC) | Credit: Jae Jin

Like a traditional jazz tune that you can snap your fingers to. You have to appreciate the added electric guitar and subtle grace of the violin. “Wild Creatures” had some inspiring lyrics just like “Running”, but simply put by Jae “Our hearts are wild, wild, wild creatures!” speaks the instincts in all of us. “Chemo Song” grabs your emotions, no it commands your emotions. Furthermore, the tone the song sets instills hope in your heart. Had me at a moment of complete fixation through each word. I can only say that you must listen to this song as Jae’s emotions become your own.

The message is clear that Jae Jin’s heart and soul has been put in this debut album. That he wants those who listen to, understand who he is and what his purpose. All the while trying to get you to find your courage and purpose in this world. Without a doubt, it’s not a recommendation that Kairos is a MUST listen. Again we would like to thank Jae Jin for granting us the tremendous honor in allowing us to listen to his passion and follow the story that is ‘Kairos’.

Kairos’ is available now on iTunes. “Running” & “When It Finds You” are available right now for download!

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