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‘Tier 1 Wrestling’ Rise Or Die Trying (2015): Intermission

Written by: J. Johnson

In between the show we had a little time to meet some of the wrestlers as they refreshed the show. Some of the wrestlers got to know the locals of the areas, but Tier 1 Wrestling is not unfamiliar with Deer Park, NY as they’ve been here before, but with another promotion. We got a chance to speak to converse with three unique stars of the indie circuit. You would think running into a wrestler they would fairly new to the sport, but a lot of them had experience worth 5+ years under their belt.

Steve Scott wrestled in the ‘Six Way Elimination Fray’ with Travis “Flip” Gordon, Ace Romero, Space Monkey, Shane Sabre, and Jeremy Leary. We saw a lot of athleticism from all six stars fighting for the right to battle in the final fray to be called the #1 contender for the Tier 1 Wrestling Championship. Travis may have been the one to steal the hearts of the fans, but the entertainment factor went to all the stars participating in the ring. Earlier in the night we saw Sonny Kiss team up with Alex Mason in a tag team match against The Bravado Brothers which began under controversial circumstances. Sonny ultimately lose the match, but that didn’t knock the smile of his face later in the night as RudeBoy Riley captured the Tier 1 Wrestling Championship from Luke Hawx.

Steve Scott is a wrestler that uses the pop culture phase of taking selfies to enhance his character. Every few seconds you can see him taking a selfie with another wrestler, a fan in the crowd, or just taking selfie by himself. We spoke to him about how he got into wrestling. You may say to yourself ask a different question, but you will be surprised on how many different answers you’ll get when they elaborate on the question. We also followed it up with a few more questions in the video that you’ll see in a moment. Following that we had a uniquely spoof moment with Sonny. It was ignited by Steve Scott himself after he made a comment. He also tried to engage Space Monkey, but the 3 golden banana star was a little shy with conversing with certain people.

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