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A Voice That Continues To Grow: Wrestling Podcast

Written by: J. Johnson

Always heard about podcasts and never was a fan of it. Simply for the fact that it didn’t grab my attention like say the T.V. did, but I never knocked the usage of getting the word out there. Podcast is like the new revolution of radio. Radio use to be the major tool for anyone who wanted to listen get another person’s point of view. Some radio host used various topics to get their point of view across and others would use topical and comedy relief to gain a little popularity.

Early radio equipment only allowed program material to be broadcast in real time, known as live broadcasting. As technology for sound recording improved, an increasing proportion of broadcast programming used pre-recorded material. A current trend is the automation of radio stations. Some stations now operate without direct human intervention by using entirely pre-recorded material sequenced by computer control.

Although I don’t mean to compare radio to a podcast, but the concept in which each host(s) conducts the show seems a little similar, but the way it’s distributed is completely different.

Out there in the podcast world, each one gears towards to multiple topics from movies to comedy as well as sports. Yes, all the shows bring some sort of variants to sports. Thousands upon thousands of opinions being conversed amongst millions of people. However, three shows have each earned the #1 spot on multiple occasions. These three shows have caught my ears from listening to them for about 2 1/2 years (not long, but good enough).

‘Wrestling Soup’, ‘Solomonster Sound Off’, and the ‘Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show (DTKC)’. For wrestling fans, these are the shows from five men that talk about wrestling (primarily), hot topics, and other sports news that come out during the week. Besides the wrestling shows that come on through the seven days of the week, there’s a kick-back from the fans who’ve enjoyed the sports for many years. No, not all of them are right, but the topics they discuss followed by their statements hold many people to listen.


‘The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show’ | Courtesy via DTKC

Winner of the 2008 “Wrestling Radio Show Of The Year” & launched in 2008.

This show speaks the past, present, and future. It has the values of traditional sports, nods to the path made to the present state of sports, and want the betterment of the future for sports to be better only if it make sense.

From the ‘DTKC’ show Don Tony & Kevin Castle, have been into wrestling for many years. They have the sense of tradition about them. Yes, D.T. interrupts Kevin at times, but it’s something that only passionate fans do when they have a point of view to counteract the other. Honestly with the back and forth they can have for various sports events discussions making you want to listen, plus they don’t hold back on their emotions when they talk about a certain sports topic. It’s actually really awesome to know that guy like this on the traditional side of wrestling and other sports will never go away.


‘Solomonster Sounds Off’ | Courtesy of Sound Off

Winner of the 2015 “Wrestling Radio Awards Show Of The Year” & launched in 2007.

The one-man showcase that has the voice for radio, Jason Solomon has the experience of 25 years So he’s been able to appreciate sports and the world of wrestling at the tail end of the ‘Golden Age’. His discussions like the Don Tony & Kevin Castle have that sense of wanting the sport of wrestling to be better.

He breaks down each segment of the wrestling show by giving his genuine opinion to the listeners. It also sets the other two apart from one another when he goes to a lot of the events as well. Having an on-site account is better than watching televised events. It’s the experience that at times can’t be described. Along with his garnered success that continues to rise, Solomonster has been able to converse with a lot of legends in the wrestling world. Even though some may not agree with me on this, Solomonster definitely makes the show have the appeal for those who may miss the eras of the late 80’s and 90’s seem like it never left.


Wrestling Soup | Courtesy of Wrestling Soup

Nominee of the 2012 Stitcher Awards “Best Sports Commentary” & launched in 2010.

Unlike DTKC & Sound Off, the Wrestling Soup podcast burst on the scene with the montage of not being a wrestling show, but a show that happens to discuss wrestling. Which in some ways is actually right. What I like about their show is the satire-factual (majority of the time) format they use. Although ‘wrestling’ is in the name they don’t always talk about wrestling. It pokes fun at topics as well as breaks down on music (Stitches) and other forms of entertainment.

Host Anthony “Missionary” Thomas & Joey Numbas have that off-shoot attitude that even guys who lay in the middle demographic group of fans have a voice. Especially since Missionary is from Chicago & Joey is a Boston-native. The discussions are very interesting. From talking about John Cena on his “apology tour” this past year, “banana peppers”, which style pizza is better, how Sting can’t draw, or maybe criticizing Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins for their flaws definitely will give you a great laugh. However, this show can give you a different point of view of looking at certain aspects. If you can ever get time to listen, definitely take time for Wrestling Soup. Can’t tell you enough on how they’ve brought me to tears from laughter.

With the evolution of podcasting just gaining ground for multiple shows to use, it’s only a matter of time that these three will reach new heights. I can simply ramble on about how these three shows have a large following; meaning that their discussions and points directed to sports and any topic that is mentioned affirms greatly with those who listen. DTKC, Solomonster, and Wrestling Soup earned the ears of millions, but that doesn’t mean they all will just stop. As long as wrestling, other sports, and various topics exist each show will talk about it and share that common idea or mindset. Yes, all shows are not always right in their opinions, but a lot of what they say are from many that have either talked to wrestling legends, worked with other wrestlers, worked in the entertainment industry, or simply just seen levels of success be used and re-used in different ways.

Don’t forget to listen: DTKC & Wrestling Soup on Mondays & Thursday LIVE @ 11:15pm & 9:30pm on ‘Solomonster Sound Off’ on Sundays  LIVE @ on Stitchers Radio also visit

Follow them on Twitter: @WrestlingSoup | @DonTonyD | @solomonster

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  1. Glad to see that someone is taking major notices of the popularity of wrestling podcast shows,with both Solomonster and Wrestling Soup being the top shows and DT and KC being the bottom(since they[mainly Don Tony] are just so obnoxious and annoying[although KC displays a much different and kinder personality whenever he’s on Wrestling Soup]). Phil Raia’s Turnbuckle Throwbacks and some of the shows on MLW Radio(when they’re not too busy brownnosing AAA[since AAA co-owner/personality Konnan happens to be one of their podcast hosts]) are pretty good,too. YouTube commentator/vidcaster GoodMicWork is also another good wrestling semi-podcaster to check out,too.

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