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A SPARX Interview: Featuring, “The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx

You meet a man that had a passion since he was kid. He pursued it, climbed the ladder to success, and he continues living a dream. Now that's a reality only a few attain; "The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx | Designed by: Sparx Entertainment®

Written by J. Johnson

Our ultimate goal is always to provide the viewers/readers with authentic and candid moments when we produce any source of content. That exactly what we sought out to do when we were asked to interview Luke Hawx. Dennis Long of Tier 1 Wrestling would reach out to us about the upcoming show “Rise Or Die Trying”. Covering the event for both parties to develop a working relationship. It leads to us discussing what the goal of covering the event will be. So Dennis suggested that we may interview the champion at the time; Luke Hawx as he was set to defend the Tier 1 Championship against his bitter rival, RudeBoy Riley. As we didn’t hesitate to agree to such an amazing opportunity we discovered that Hawx was more than just a man with a passion for wrestling since being a child, but that his appreciation for Powerlifting also influenced his passion.

His road through the wrestling industry has open the door for him to appear in a variety of movies and tv shows we all have seen throughout the years, but like he’s told us he’s the stuntman. Nothing wrong with being the stuntman as it shows the risk you’re willing to take for the sake of entertainment. It’s a thankless job that most stuntmen deserve to be thanked for anyways. His experience in the ring makes him content with the position in his life as he still has the fortune to be a father, unlike most wrestlers that don’t have that choice.

Hawx’s attitude is very humbling like he said before he can be a heel, but that’s not the case especially during this interview. If there’s a lesson to be learned from Luke Hawx that’s to never let anything or anyone stands in the way of achieving your dreams. If your life is riddled with an adversary you must overcome it and make the best of what you got. To be honest, I can’t reveal too much as the interview will speak for itself.

Check out ‘Sparx w/ Luke Hawx’:

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