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WWE: “The Destiny” MAY Not Be Over As WWE Is Attempting To Bring Back A Former Star

It’s no secret that WWE has been looking for a top Hispanic singles star to sign. Carlito’s name has came up recently but another name that has been talked about several times in the past few weeks is current AAA Mega Champion Alberto Del Rio (Alberto El Patron).

WWE helped to create the star that was Alberto Del Rio over a period of about 5 years. He was used in a major way the moment he arrived on the main roster from FCW. He quickly became a Money in the Bank winner, as well as a WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. He also won a Royal Rumble. He actually won the largest in WWE history. Sadly, he was released over hitting a social media worker who was employed by the WWE at the time.

The guy allegedly made racist comments toward Del Rio, which made him very angry. When he told him to apologize, he refused and got hit. Del Rio got punished for it, but the social media guy got off pretty light. Eventually, WWE released the guy too, but they couldn’t at the time due to the assault charges that the guy could likely charge Del Rio and potentially WWE with if they cut them both or picked the side of Del Rio.

This made Del Rio go on a rant about how minorities are kept back and how racist WWE was toward him. However, if you look at what all he accomplished in WWE during his short tenure there, he has no room to talk about not getting used in big ways. WWE always wanted to bring him back, and truly never wanted him to go at all. Sadly, he and WWE got into a major ordeal over his contract, among other things, and the words exchanged just didn’t go well. So that meant a WWE return was out of the cards, right? Wrong!

Alberto Del Rio in the WWE | Photo credit: WWE

According to PWInsider, WWE is very interested in bringing back Alberto Del Rio, now going by Alberto El Patron on the Indy scene.

WWE is having difficulty creating another top Hispanic star, and when talks with Carlito went south, more and more people discussed the idea of bringing back Del Rio, whom many loved while he was with the company.

Del Rio seems to be happy away from WWE as he has worked with AAA and Lucha Underground on top of other Indy companies. He is making a good living, as well, which only makes him happier with the lighter schedule.

While WWE and Del Rio very well could have spoken by now about a comeback, it is not certain they have as of now. The only thing known is that the company is high on the idea of bringing him back and would probably be willing to pay him well to do so.

We don’t know if this means the two sides have had recent talks but there is definitely interest within WWE on bringing Del Rio back. There have been ideas discussed recently that could potentially involve him. With the second season of Lucha Underground now confirmed, a WWE return for Patron seems unlikely but stranger things have happened.

Source(s): PWInsider

Here’s a look at Alberto Del Rio defending the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio:

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