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He’s Unique. He is Joey Diamond

Written by: J. Johnson

Being different, How and why are people different? If you stop and think you will begin to realize that being different is everyday life for all of us. Being excluded from an activity or being looked upon different due to ones personal bias and beliefs. Being judged on your appearance and social class, these actions are ordinary in today’s society. Against the beliefs of many who say humans should be judged by what’s on the inside rather than on the outside. From race and religion to what kind of clothes you wear. Ones personal preferences and bias should not influence the way that they look upon you as a person.

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Entertainer. His name is, Joey Diamond.

Several months ago we explored the ‘dreams’ so to speak of Joey Diamond. Practically breaking down a little detailed article to pinpoint his success on YouTube and how he’s obtained a great magnitude of opportunities from it. However has he really reached the top? And is there more that Joey Diamond can offer truly to the world of entertainment?

Personally from my POV he definitely has MORE than plenty of opportunities and MORE to offer. Whether it be fashion, acting, singing, or anything the man puts his mind to. He’s very outgoing when it comes to making the people that have supported him since the beginning enjoy his presence. Take a look at his snapchat and you’ll see what I mean.

Although there’s a lot that can be said, about the unique dreamer there’s two things that have stood out to me when you look, heard, and experience Joey Diamond. Nevertheless of not experiencing Joey his outgoing personality he displays over his social media outlets sort of makes up who he really is.

Now I’m not going to sit here and talking about the vanity because, Joey is really unique when it comes to his major attribute is his voice. It’s actually hypnotizing when you hear it. A lot of upcoming singers have been scratching and crawling for the opportunity to be heard by thousands if not millions. Joey has been given that opportunity.

You take a risk with some and you know that the end results will be good. Especially someone who has nothing, but tremendous talent. Like mentioned before he’s said to have a dream. Joey’s global appeal has garnered him loyal fans from around the world to include United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Philippines, South America and every corner of the globe where you will find a computer screen, but he’s also been able to use his voice to push him into the fashion world.

Like other aspiring artists in today’s world of discovery, Joey has song original songs and cover songs. It’s like a way of telling those who listen that you’re voice is just a good. The genre of soul with a little romantic spin on it seems to get the people’s attention and Joey took advantage by using his voice. Hey it worked and you have to respect it. The courage to record yourself even when it’s not technically in front of millions of viewers is tough, but I digress from the talent Joey has displayed.

Take a listen to his cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” done a year ago:

Now that’s one of many examples that can stretch back seven years. Only dedication to want an opportunity speaks to those who find Joey’s climb to some degree of success, unique. It’s no secret that my personal beliefs for Joey Diamond is highly spoken, but in actuality he may have flaws and it’s easy to accept, but his talents are not overshadowed by them. We can definitely see the style, personality, and vocal skills of Joey Diamonds from this point only improving with the hard work he’s displayed over the years. Whether he’s modeling, singing, acting, hosting, or probably dancing Joey has the potential of being a promising star of tomorrow.

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