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Interview w/ Richard “Whorah” Reategui – ‘McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II (2015)’

Richard "Whorah" Reategui & DeShawn J. Ellis; McDonald's B-Boy Royale II | Photo Credit: Andrew Kao | Sparx Entertainment - 2015©

By: J. Johnson

Our six part series has been about the time we had at ‘McDonald’s B-Boy Royale’. It’s geared towards the ones we met and the interviews we did with a few of the talents performing at the event and one of the co-host.

Previously we interviewed MC Jin; which was generated to see how he felt being a host of a b-boy competition and recently we released the interview of ‘Atomic Goofball’ about what he’s going to bring and how he felt. Honestly despite some of the anxiety that existed when does interviews were done, the confidence was presence and flowed greatly. In this part we focus on one of the members from the ‘Beast Coast’ crew. A very soft-spoken gentleman that has been dancing since he was 11 years of age. When you start that early and still continue to do it years later that’s a recipe of two things forced training or success. In this case when it comes to ‘Beast Coast’ member Whorah, success has been on his side and has warranted him nothing, but the room to climb up the ladder of enjoying his passion.

Like we stated in the previous articles this competition is invitation only for all crews who competed for winning prior competitions around NYC (despite Lionz Of Zion coming from Maryland). While we speak to Whorah we can see that his passion speaks volumes with his years of performing & the fact that he’s continuing to push his creative mind by a clothing line that was created called ‘RAHW Breed’.


(Right to left) Richard “Whorah” Reategui, DeShawn J. Ellis, & Donald Watson discussing the coming interview.

One moment of our guys talking with Whorah, he was very humbling only to be glad to interview him. We could tell that he was someone to talk to and get his perspective on the event about to come up. His brand definitely speaks to him as Whorah is a true Raw. Ambitious. & certainly ‘Hard-Working’ at what he’s accomplished since he’s been dancing.

Check out the interview (below):

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