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8/22 – McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II (Pt. 2) – Interview w/ Atomic Goofball (Lionz Of Zion)

The Lionz of Zion & DeShawn J. Ellis; Richard "Whorah" Reategui & DeShawn J. Ellis; McDonald's B-Boy Royale II | Photo Credit: Andrew Kao | Sparx Entertainment - 2015©

By: J. Johnson

Our first part was tailored to show our emotions about the event and to showcase the interview we got w/ the legendary MC Jin on what he was going to be doing at the event. Honestly, like I previously wrote the man is a humbling figure in the community of hip-hop. A true honor to get his words on the event as well as getting into a conversation about ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and the upcoming movie ‘TMNT 2’ (McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II Pt. 1)

Although we got the feel from one of the hosts in the event coming up, it was only right we get some perspective insight on the talent that was ready and set to perform in this extraordinary competition. Especially with each dance crew being invited like mentioned before, for their accomplishment of competing and winning a competition prior to this one. So it’s was a big deal to be there, perhaps it was a grateful encounter when we met some of the talents. You can hear the conviction in their voices to the passion they call dancing. We love that when someone talks about the passion they have been crafted for a decade or more.

As we did get closer to the event and we started to range ourselves to do the work at hand, we saw an outspoken group of gentlemen that was conversing with the staff members. We knew that they had the gravitating presence to be a great group of guys that wouldn’t mind giving us the time to talk to them.


Lionz of Zion (from left to right: Atomic Goofball, Duo, & Isaiah) posing in front of red carpet area w/ some good looking items. | Sparx Entertainment 2014-2015©

From the way they were you could tell how they could be not just close friends, but have the bond of a brotherhood that others can truly relate to. Lionz of Zion has 15 members but was repped by these three individuals and rightfully so as they shown why on the stage. Our interview was w/ Atomic Goofball (on the left in the picture), his vibe was off the charts as far as someone who can be easy to talk to (not taking away anything from Duo & B-Boy at all). From the start, our meeting was something to admire and be honored by. To see what Atomic Goofball is all about and Lionz of Zion watch the interview below:

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