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8/22 – McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II (Pt. 1) – Interview w/ MC Jin

MC Jin & CEO DeShawn J. Ellis; Richard "Whorah" Reategui & DeShawn J. Ellis; McDonald's B-Boy Royale II | Photo Credit: Donald Watson | Sparx Entertainment - 2015©

By: J. Johnson

You will not be the best at what you do, by sitting down and waiting for ‘perfection’. It’s the very aspect in life that anybody who has a goal in life strives for. Many believe that they can never attain perfection. That is not the case. True perfection is really just doing the best you can with what you have. This can also be called walking the path. The path is the perfect way of doing things under the current circumstances.

B-Boying has been able to see many developing avenues to seeing those involved display that true perfection that many can’t attain.

This past Saturday we witness nothing, but pure entertainment driven by passion, dedication, and hardwork from 8 teams that earned their way to compete in ‘McDonald’s B-Boy Royale II’. The action was exhilarating, fast paced, innovative, and memorable to this day through photos, videos, the people in attendance, and the one on stage giving all they had on stage.


Now we’ve heard about this event this year, but it’s the second time McDonald’s has helped showcase such an amazing gathering of b-boys and b-girls. The event had a collective line-up of 8 crews; 5 Crew Dynasty, Beast Coast, Dynamic Rockers, Lionz of Zion, Silverback Young Bloods, Supreme Beingz, Team Entree, and Titanz. All crews had won competitions and earned other accomplishments to be invited to this competition.

In the next few days you’ll be seeing the interviews we done with individuals and one crew that gave us the energy that we felt whilst watching it on stage. It may have been our first event to cover, but we did a good job for the most part. Each article written will showcase the experience we had and you’ll see what we seen through the videos and photos that harnessed the memories we all will cherish. Also we move the big venture by creating our first YouTube channel; driven to give a glimpse of what we do from broadcasting to advertising.

We caught up with the co-host; legendary hip-hop artist, actor, and comedy, MC Jin. Like always this man has a humbling attitude towards whoever he meets. His life seems to be filled with a level head although your attitude can be different underneath. Nevertheless it seems like Jin goes with the motions with his life.

Being a born-again Christian and father can change your mind with a lot of situations you may go through. However we’re not talking about that seeing as the man of the hour was hosting the event with the lovely Grace Subervi. We asked him a few questions about the event, his thoughts, and his feels on the competition itself.

Check out the full interview:

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