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‘Riverside’ J. Han ft. Jae Jin

Written by J. Johnson

Every now and then, a good song can stick in our minds for a long period of time… Until that next song that just takes over. That’s how you develop your sense of musical taste. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what others say about the kind of music you listen to. That’s why playlists, uniqueness, and individuality exist.

It would be rather boring for everyone to like the SAME EXACT MUSIC. Being introduced to new styles of music helps widen your ears to a genre you would’ve said “PSH, I’m never giving that genre a chance!” twelve years ago.

About a month and a half ago I personally was introduced to two several new artists from the hip-hop, jazz, and blues scene that widen my directive for music. Couldn’t be any happier with that decision to listen followed by sticking these artists.

There were two artists out of the several that made changes my variations of music. J. Han & Jae Jin have a soulful yet vibrant feel to their music. It’s a positive feeling to know that hip hop can be revitalized in a way to inspire rather than demean others in the form of J. Han. As with Jae Jin his vocals from the soul of music is just that of a fresh take at its best.

These two would collaborate on J. Han’s album ‘Art of Starch’. Although released in 2013, you could never be too late when it comes to music. J. Han, Sam Ock, and CL also known as AMP Movement along with Jae Jin, Mickey Cho, Lyricks, and Gowe make one great album that in my opinion is timeless. Although the album was great there’s one song that caught my attention, it was ‘Riverside’

So watch the “out of date” line. (LOL!)

J. Han; A hip hop artist born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. His faith in God has been able to help him define himself along with having hip-hop serve as his avenue to express it with others.

Jae Jin; A soulful artist from the area of Baltimore City. Even though there’s those who had another idea about his career path, Jae would take his music career to new heights and find salvation by sharing his passion with others.

These two put the genre of hip hop and soul into a song that gives you a well-rounded recipe for your ears to enjoy.

“Good morning! Time to rise and shine; come on, wake-up!
Your eyes are barely open; you need to go wash your face-up!
You cannot call-in sick today, you are not a featherweight
People are depending on you for food on their dinner plate”

—J. Han from ‘Riverside‘ ft. Jae Jin [verse 1]

The first four bars speaks the volumes of how you must not give up so simply. It’s easy to say “no”, but every day you must make that option of giving up and saying “no” a non-factor in your life. On top of that, you must make your life succeed at every moment there is. CEASE THE MOMENT!

When you switch over to the hook you get Jae Jin bring in the soul; love that usage of the word:

I wanna go to the riverside
Lay my burdens down & keep my arms open wide
Ooh Lord, are you really here?
I lay my burdens down & keep my arms open wide
I’m gonna shout cause I know that you’re my King!
I’m gonna dance cause my life is safe in your wings
I’m gonna sing a little melody of praise!

Jae Jin from ‘Riverside‘ J. Han ft. Jae Jin [Hook]

That entire hook is plainly telling you what it means. Any mean in a hook has to be carefully looked at, but the intention here is to tell you that the Lord will forever be around you. In faith of his good name will entrust you with the greatness he can shine on you. The last three lines tell how he feels about the Lord and the grace he spreads through his life.

Now I’m not going to give away the whole song, but I advise your ears to listen as I have. Find the message it’s teaching. Listen to the lyrics as ‘Riverside‘ can definitely become one of your favorite songs. Preferences are in the ears of the listener. For me, this song is on my top 10 of all time. As for the album ‘Art of Starch,’ it’s truly worth it. Like I said, earlier music from different genres can widen your understanding why some exist. Listen and download ‘Riverside’ J. Han ft. Jae Jin @ Good Fruit Co.’s Bandcamp

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