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The Fung Bros VIII: Tsukemen Ramen

Via: The Fung Bros. | Written by Sean Wall & J. Johnson

We come to again, bring that healthy dose of ‘Fung Bros.’ (even though these collective groups of men have been known for quite some time now. We simply give them that wider audience outside the Asian community, something has to be done from all sides.

Now we give you a topic that a lot seem to think is very “in-ramen“. They make it very clear on what everyone was thinking:

“The ramen in the package

The one that you can take your date to.

The one that you need a Japanese friend to help you understand it.”

Honestly, always admired the subtle humor that exists in their videos as they use that tool for a better approach then, trying to make it a strict history lesson… WOW, history is so drawn out sometimes. It’s like who wants to sit for hours to hear about how Samurai used a hierarchy system that was harsh and brutal to their own native people that some forms of it still exist today. Ohhh the Samurai are very interesting to learn about especially when you get into the Bushido code…

Sorry J is going on a tangent about the bushido code… Back to the good stuff, RAMEN!

Now the Fung Bros. AND RICHIE bring on the help of a friend, Narisa from Yokohama, Japan. Always like the way they bring in someone who has the culture in their family. Especially for the food videos, it brings things into perspective.

One variation of Tsukemen Ramen

Kai Ramen

What’s interesting is the use of language true Japanese. It’s a language that some consider hard, but overall it’s honestly an easy language being surpassed by English and Chinese (Mandarin) respectively.

You have to check out the dishes as well each one has its unique way of being prepared along with a delicate effective way of eating it by using chopsticks or use a spoon. There’re many ways of inappropriately using them along with politely using them. Some of the common ramen appetizers are Gyoza, Takoyaki: octopus balls w/ a sauce over them along with bonito (tuna flakes), the Chicken Curry: being served w/ karaage (Japanese fried chicken).

As they wait for the ramen to be served; IT’S TIME FOR SOME GOOD KAWAII MOMENTS, even the company at large like Andrew says “The internet is pushing for more kawaii/cute oppose to Hollywood who pushes for more sexy”

We go next some Japanese Dipping Ramen; Tsukemen being one of the less common ones are served with the noodles outside the sauce. It’s very different when it comes your normal forms of ramen.

Like Narisa said, “Tsuke means dipping and men means noodles” Why separate the noodles from the broth? The noodles are thicker than the average noodle, but David had a valid point think of a hot summer day and you don’t want a hot bowl of ramen in your face…

Humid summer day + Hot ramen = I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news

Interesting to note that not all broth involving Tsukemen is the same. Each establishment no matter where the restaurant that serves it has the same recipe. Being Narisa favorite she leaves hoping the viewers try the Tsukemen. Now the void is there not having a Japanese person there with them so they look towards cameraman/ramen chef Chiba-San. Funny to also note that the Japanese culture is in the United States than most let on. For example, how Richie, Andrew, and Chiba point out David wearing Bape; a Japanese clothing line founded by Nigo in 1993. The general consensus is that Tsukemen is a favorite among them all, but one more ramen dish that’s unfamiliar to many is Hiyashi Chuka.

They close out with a last minute thoughts being happy that they introduced the dishes of Tsukemen and Hiyashi Chuka to the public. Although it’s not a popular ramen dish it is gaining momentum to be a recommended dish. Chiba gives his nostalgic take on how it reminds him of his childhood back in Hawaii and that’s how a dish that you can appreciate so much is supposed to feel when you’ve been eating it for a long while.

Until next you’ve read the breakdown of J. Johnson and myself; Sean Wall. Keep entertaining peeps.

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