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By: J. Johnson

King Marze

An Atlanta native that has found the place as a rapper and continues to make his impact with the time spent making music.

Honestly I’ve listened to MANY artists in the past 20+ years of my life, but since working at Sparx Entertainment the listening grows and gives that sign of hope for the hip-hop genre rather than unrelenting indifference for it.

BUT there has been artists that has changed my mind. Marze is one of those who’s given me that hope to enjoy the genre all over again.

Two months ago, King Marze released an EP entitled ‘MOOD’ and honestly it’s something I’ve heard in terms of delivery the same but it’s definitely a unique style for the ‘king’.

“Flossy” takes that entrance of being a track that uses a little auto-tunes and has a lyric that can be pint up to be another trendy tag line that has become a thing among most crowds. Nothing wrong it at all. The question I have mostly for it, is would it catch it on? Oh don’t get me wrong this track is truly a good one of many for Marze. You can only wonder what other tracks can be just as good. If there’s one thing Marze has it’s the ability of making you love his music for the dedication he seems to display and that’s with all featured artists he works with.

King Marze. (circa 2015)

You would never know it unless you heard it from the person themselves, but King Marze is a BIG anime fan and has a heavy influence by the Japanese culture itself (much like me, but I digress). The list is too long to list for the one that have the influences of many animes. One anime in particular that he seems to enjoy is ‘Dragon Ball Z’. Maybe it’s the fight scenes that occur in each episode, the character’s developments, the iconic villains, or the backstory of the dragon balls having heavy influences on the characters that align themselves with the forces of good or evil. Nevertheless, in certain songs of his Marze has implied the 5-star anime in many ways.

Even with the anime references, it doesn’t knock Marze off his game to make some great music that a lot of fans seem to enjoy. Is it Marze or King Marze? The question is definitely answered as I know he’s King Marze with each new track that’s released.

His message is rather clear

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