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‘Running’ – Jae Jin

By: Sean Wall

His name is Jae Jin.

A man who has been able to capture the hearts of virtually everyone that has followed his career from the beginning, by singing a bonafide classic from legendary artist Sam Cooke. It’s never easy being able to just pop overnight. There has to be something distinct, compelling, and memorable, fortunately, Jae can be one of the hundreds to say it.

Being pursued by the likes of a multitude of music labels, reality shows, and other virtues of the entertainment world Jae decided to keep his self-respect and dignity by working hard like he always done. You can only commend that kind of dedication from anyone.

This kind of artists has my respect from the gate. They rather hold on to what they’re passionate about while having that free creative approach. I’ve met many like that and those are the ones that will make it further than those who sell out just for the prestige.

It’s one thing to throw your hands up and just lost yourself in the entertainment industry, but Jae has been featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix series ‘House of Cards‘. All the while still maintaining his passion for music, then, started a crowdfunding endeavor to release his debut album. It ultimately succeeded and now he’s able to work his hardest to put out an impressive debut album entitled ‘KAIROS’ that can set the pace for future albums.

KAIROS original artwork | Credit: Jae Jin

KAIROS original artwork | Credit: Jae Jin

A testament to how great of a musician Jae Jin really is, you can basically take a listen to ‘Riverside’ a collaboration done featuring Jae Jin and J. Han; another artist from the nourish soul of Good Fruit Co., but his positive lyrics are done with rapping his message. That’s only a sample of what ‘KAIROS‘ can be.

In the midst of his fans gaining the crowd support for the album and he released a single off it entitled ‘Running‘. The initial thought that pops up in my head is striving for what you want. The song definitely has that uplifting wave of emotion when it first begins. You hear the soul actually trying to come out through the choice of words being used.

Feel the sun
Rising from below
I keep running, I keep running

-From the single ‘Running‘ by Jae Jin

It has that overall appeal for those who have hope in their life. Definitely goes in my top 10 list of songs that I’d recommend for 2015, by laying down the groundwork for the inevitable success. I always look for an artist who sing their souls out, while in the process create those goosebumps. ‘Running’ has that sense of journey that all fans can appreciate.

As of late, we’ve (The Sparx Team) been hearing a lot of positively driven music from rap to pop. It’s something that hasn’t been done in a long time. Honestly, it was even rarely done back in the day when music has such a golden age (late 70s to early 2000’s). You know what it seems to be making its comeback the more you hear music from those who are working their hearts out. The mainstream musician works hard, but not as hard as the others who constantly produce hit after hit. Furthermore, ‘Running’ is something to love and enjoy with your ears and your friends. We’ve only gotten a taste of what’s ahead from this soulful gentleman.

Jae Jin’s single ‘Running’ is available now on Bandcamp

Keep yourself up-to-date with Jae Jin & all his music endeavors on: | @jaejinmusic | Jae Jin


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