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‘When It Finds You’ – Jae Jin

Written by Sean Wall

Jae Jin is a man of soul and aspiration. Since bursting on the scene of music, he’s been a man that has seen the blessings that any and all who truly wants it works hard for it will achieve it.

Like we’ve mentioned in our recent article about Jae Jin; almost serving as an introduction to our readers who he is, we have said, that the positivity and energy in Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Rap have been rarely done (Running‘ – Jae Jin). There’s no mistake that Jae Jin has been able to adjourn a brand new song from his debut album entitled ‘Kairos‘.

Kairos [n.] – a propitious moment of decision or action.

This new song speaks of that moment for decision or action. It has a meaning for once listening to it you can definitely understand what he’s talking about for the first time listening to it. Although I’ve listened to this track more than a dozen times (no I’m not crazy; just a music lover like all people in the world) I can understand and still be upbeat about it. Jae for me has struck gold with this new song.

When It Finds You Cover Art

Feels like I just went back to church, almost gets that sense of southern soul. There’s no doubt that the soul from Jae Jin is alive and raging. You can vicariously along with him whenever you take a listen to one of his new or a classic song he releases. It’s honestly harmonizing with the chorus (rather catchy if you pick up on it).

Fighting-chants get others to push forward and fight for what you believe in, but this track takes that and turns it into a metaphor for you to basically find yourself. Stand up and succeed in life. I can only imagine the range of emotions that went through the room as Jae Jin was writing it and eventually singing it. Mind blowing and I recommend it to be downloaded.


In my honest opinion, I see tremendous blessings for this artist in the near future. Jae Jin‘s debut album ‘Kairos‘ will release this Fall.

When It Finds You‘ is available now: Bandcamp

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