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WWEditorials Ep. IV: The Authority

The Authority | Image via WWE

It seems like the ‘Billion-Dollar Princess’ has never got what she deserved and that’s something of an issue. The Austin/McMahon saga was so successful because it told a simple yet relatable story: the evil, overbearing boss versus the defiant, anti-corporate employee. However, even though Vince had the money and power advantage, Austin kept getting victories over him. Austin beat the hell out of McMahon in a hospital, have him countless Stunners, and even shoved his face into Rikishi’s a**.

The important point here is that Austin and McMahon were more or less equals, and the feud shifted momentum from one side to another, keeping the feud interesting. With the Authority, there is one major element that prevents this kind of success from ever occurring:

Stephanie McMahon is untouchable.

Throughout the Authority’s existence, everyone other than Stephanie has gotten what they deserved in the grand storyline narrative. J&J Security were the oft-demolished cannon fodder, Kane has been defeated countless times, and even Triple H got his comeuppance against the likes of Daniel Bryan. However, the Authority’s most prominent mouthpiece has never gotten what she deserved, even though it’s high time that she did.

None of the women stand up to Stephanie; the only one that really did was AJ Lee, and she’s gone now. While she did have a feud with the Bellas, that has since been retconned, and fans are expected to forget that it ever happened (as Authority themselves have already done). As another example, Dusty Rhodes allegedly got in trouble backstage when he got in Steph’s face in 2013, even though doing so made the feud more interesting.

This is a huge problem, because it robs WWE of one of the most essential storyline elements needed to bring the feud to its zenith: one of the women needs to rise up against her and destroy/humiliate her. That’s why fans love the idea of Ronda Rousey coming in to fight Stephanie at WrestleMania: no one else has so much as touched Stephanie, and that’s harmful to everyone except for Stephanie’s own ego.

The day Stephanie gets humiliated on a large scale, or defeated in a wrestling ring (or both) will be the day that fans finally get their satisfaction from this ongoing Authority storyline.

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon | Images via WWE

The May 25th, 2015 edition of RAW provided the WWE Universe with a prime example of why RAW is more tedious now than it ever has been.

It opened with a 20 minute promo from the Authority; followed by a 13 minute match involving Kane & Rollins; then another backstage segment involving Ambrose, the Authority and a cameraman; followed by a recap of Ambrose’s arrest; followed by an ‘office’ segment with HHH, Steph, and the cast of Entourage; followed by another Authority segment after the Cena-Ryder-Owens segment; followed by Kane announcing a tag team match; then they added some ‘extra footage’ of the cameraman segment from earlier; and finally, the Authority and Dean Ambrose closed the show.

Simply put, over half of the show was centered on the Authority. This is a huge problem because it prevents other Superstars on the roster from getting as much TV time, and in an attempt to put as many stars as possible on each show, fans are treated to multiple short matches without much build or explanation.

What WWE should do is simple: decrease the amount of time that the Authority is on screen, and make their promos simple and to the point. Fans don’t need to see a five minute backstage segment involving HHH and Stephanie kissing, when that time could instead be used to build up a PPV or add a match.

It’s clear that the WWE will be featuring more of ‘The Authority’ on TV for months to come, but if the ending of The Undertaker’s streak proved anything it was nothing last forever. So even though a lot of was indulged on how ‘The Authority’ of the WWE is harming more than good, there’s something good they can do in the future and that’s disband as a whole. At time we can all agree that Triple H can be entertaining at times, even the statuous Kane can be entertaining, especially when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was away on the legitimate vacation back in May.

What are your guys thoughts on ‘The Authority’? Is it something you enjoy on the WWE TV? Would you like to see something different about them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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