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WWEditorials Ep. IV: The Authority

The Authority | Image via WWE

The rest of the roster is left on their own making it feel things are ‘Worse For Business’.

You would think that an authority figure whose motto is ‘best for business’ would strive to live up to that mantra by making the entire show better. Alas, you’d be wrong, because while the Authority has elevated the likes of the Rollins, Reigns, and to a lesser extent Ambrose, Cena, and Orton, everyone else on the show is on their own.

When Mr. McMahon was on RAW, he used anyone and everyone to try and ruin Austin’s life. an example of this would be the $100,000 bounty that would go to whoever eliminated Austin from the 1999 Royal Rumble match. That story, while insignificant in the end because Vince accomplished that task himself, gave the lower-card wrestlers something to do, and elevated them somewhat, even if it was temporary.

Another example was the breadth of wrestlers he had doing his dirty work. Vince relied on a wide variety of wrestlers to do his dirty work, and that connection to him elevated those stars as well. The Corporation, and later the Corporate Ministry, had many wrestlers who benefitted from increased screen time and storyline significance.

As for the Authority, they use the same people all the time. Instead of keeping things fresh and different by employing different wrestlers to do their dirty group, it’s always Kane, J&J Security, and on rare occasions, Triple H getting physically involved. Their segments would be much better if, for example, they hired Rusev, Bray Wyatt, or someone else to work for them as hired guns. It would keep storylines fresh, and give more Superstars something to do.

Sadly, the Authority prefer to keep repeating themselves, leading to an overly-repetitive product and recycled scripts and storylines.

WWE 2015 Roster |Image via WWE

Seth has been one of WWE’s biggest heels for almost a year now, yet he isn’t the major heel that he should be. Maybe it’s because some people actually like him, but for the most part, it’s because he isn’t given any opportunities to be a true heel on his own. In other words, his success is so dependent on the Authority that he seemingly can never be seen without them.

While it might be true that they want to present him as a cowardly champion who runs from a fight but wins when it matters, that kind of booking can still be done without making Rollins look like such a weakling that he requires interference in virtually every single one of his televised matches. It’s obvious that Rollins is capable of putting on incredible matches, but it’s extremely rare for him to take part in one that doesn’t involve any interference.

Not only does this make him look much weaker than it should, but it ruins the quality of his matches. Fans want to see clean wins and losses more often, but instead are treated to interference and disqualifications on a regular basis. This is a regular booking problem that extends beyond the Authority, but they seem to take part in this unclean finishes more than anyone else.

Even worse is how Rollins can’t seem to stand up for himself. Earlier in the year, he spoke up for himself to the Authority and was verbally emasculated by Stephanie McMahon. How is your top Champion supposed to be taken seriously if a non-wrestler trumps his position and insults someone she’s supposed to be grooming for the top spot in the company?

So while it’s true that Rollins owes a lot to the Authority for making him into a big star, they’ve done just as much harm to his character as well.

The Authority during WWE RAW’s main event segment ‘Architect of a Dream’

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