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Capcom Likely Bringing In The Hadouken (Street Figher V) To E3 2015

Credit: Capcom

Capcom has been hyping up E3 2015 lately as there will be some exciting Street Fighter 5 news at the event.

Street Fighter 5’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, tweeted:

“Currently, we’re doing our best to work on SFV! We’re making preparation for E3 in next month! ;D”

The link on the tweet also showed some Street Fighter 5 t-shirts. It’s possible you can pick up a shirt or two at the event. It’s just a basic red shirt with the game’s logo on the front.

Ono also tweeted that Street Fighter 5 is looking good:

“I could play SFV at CAPCOM USA, Its so looking good!! and love it! Hahaha praise yourself! ;P I can’t wait for E3! ;D”

Street Fighter 5 was first revealed back in December much to the delight of many fans. Back then, only Ryu and Chun-Li were revealed. Over the coming weeks, we now know Charlie and M. Bison will be in the game too.

Street Fighter 5 is looking pretty slick right now. Some new features includes some interactive features in the levels themselves. Chun-Li was fighting with noodle soup on her head during one gameplay demo that was shared earlier this year.

Hopefully E3 2015 will show more levels and characters that will be in Street Fighter 5.

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