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“Everything Is Bigger In Texas” WWE WrestleMania 32 (2016)

This past Sunday, the WWE gave the fans something to remember from this year’s WrestleMania. Although if you look at the card and the way it was setup the outcomes can cause for several different questions for each match. But that’s only if you analyze the event rather than watch and see how WrestleMania can captivate the entire world for 4-hours (some time and this year more) in one night.

From the opening pre-show matches which featured the WWE Tag Team Championship on the line which by some was considered the best opening matches to WrestleMania; despite it being on the pre-show to the 2nd Annual Andre the Giant Battle Royale which seen the Big Show set a few records in that match. We can list them, but I’m pretty sure you can list them on one hand.

Then, you seen the match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship up for grabs (literally) featuring some of WWE’s talented and gifted wrestlers that—only to quote Dolph Ziggler—”…superstars that have chips on their shoulders.” The match as full of great spots and exciting moments that the following match had when Orton delivered an undoubtedly gorgeous RKO from the setup of The Curb-Stomp to Seth Rollins. Orton gets his revenge.

WWE WrestleMania 31 during the entrance of Brock Lesnar | Image credited to WWE

The next three matches had their fun moments; The ‘Anti-Divas’ got their victory over the Bella Brand sisters, Triple H became the Terminator for a good entrance as Sting had the Japanese feeling added to his entrance for his debut in a WWE ring (wrestling) and WWE PPV, and as we head over to the middle of the night (daytime in California) Cena defended the honor of the United States against the undefeated-tyrannical brute known as Rusev while Lana tried her best to help the ‘Russian Hero’ beat Cena. The night began to creep up as we seen the return of the ‘Phoenix Phenom’ The Undertaker to take on the self-proclaimed ‘New Face of Fear’ Bray Wyatt, but in the end The Undertaker dwarfed the plans of Wyatt only to leave him wondering if his quest for god-like WWE status was all in vain to begin with.

The final moments of the show shown the Lesnar delivering the beating to Roman Reigns which in some fans’ eyes it was worse than what Cena had gotten at SummerSlam. Rollins would make a surprise and first ever decision by cashing in the MITB briefcase to ultimate be crown the new championship. One thing is for sure about this year’s WrestleMania the sports entertainment world has definitely evolved for it’s audience and remain constant as the leading ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’, but next year, the countdown has begun for WrestleMania 32. The number one goal is the old motto of Texas; “Everything is bigger in Texas”

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