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Joey Diamond ‘Life is, But A Diamond Dream’

What are goals and what do they mean? To many people, goals and dreams are what help drive them every day to accomplish something that they have set for themselves to help better and improve their lives. There can be many different types of goals, from short term goals to mid range goals and long term goals. All of these types of goals are important because short term goals can eventually lead to the mid range and long term goals a person may have leading them to a dream that they want to fulfill in life. In order for a person to achieve a dream that he or she has, that person must set short, mid, and long term goals for himself.

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, and Entertainer. His name is, Joey Diamond.

Depicted and proven to be his own driving force to success, Joey Diamond has been able to achieve his goal of singing, acting, and entertaining every fan he’s been able to grab a hold of. Joey Diamond is a Hit YouTube Sensation with 240+ Thousands of subscribers that distributes over 37+ Million views.

His YouTube is the primary source where he posts regularly videos of himself doing what he loves, and singing. Joey’s interactions with his fans has helped his fame to grow tremendously with a little project he did entitled ‘Joey Speaks’ just offering advice to those who need that extra push in their life. Joey’s very loyal fan base continues to grow as his social media outlets continue to make waves as many begin to the light shine from Joey’s voice and advice that he gives.

Joey’s global appeal has garnered him loyal fans from around the world to include United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Philippines, South America and every corner of the globe where you will find a computer screen. His popularity and celebrity status began to grow, as he would be added to Sean Kingston World Tour, The Melbourne Take Over Tour 2011 and other opportunities to perform around the World.

You can argue that his fame from his YouTube viewers are not credited to him being on the top tier stardom, but just looking at his videos or original and cover songs proves why he won’t let anything stop his dreams from coming true. His dream is something that everyone wants to live, it may not be exactly, but the drive and hunger that most have can match his if not be scaled differently.

Joey has proven that his dream will never be derailed by others.Today Joey is enjoying the spotlight while he gets ready for the next step of his promising career and the fulfillment of his dream. We as fans can only hope that he can strive for the best.

Joey Diamond social outlets: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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