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The World’s Strongest Pt. 2

Recently we’ve featured many aspects of entertainment, but we did venture to the athletic side a but with an aspiring bodybuilder. His name is Toan Nguyen and we basically featured his inspiration in how he lives life in a developing-transforming way to prepare for these events (although he’s been in one) Now it seems his bodybuilding training has enveloped into a weightlifting type of scenario.

On his social outlets Toan, has displayed some of his strength and determination.

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Made 320lb squat PR look easy.

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Toan Nguyen is a man, who not only takes pride in his confidence among living his life the best he can, whether it be enjoying the times with his friends, laughing at the good times, having family time with a strong bond, or even taking his life in the gym to new levels everyday he reaches his goal to push it to the limit and beyond.

Here’s another taste of what ‘The World’s Strongest‘ can do:

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385lb sumo deadlift 2nd lift.

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Impressed? In the end Toan has a bright future whether it be bodybuilding or powerlifting, the young prospect will continue to set the bar high for himself only to see another day of success.

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