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‘Nah I’m Talking Bout’ by ColdKid

Twitter: @_ColdKid

SoundCloud: NC|13 – ColdKid

Rhymes and rhythms, beats and flows, violence and hate, peace and love, music is a God given ability that we use to express ourselves and how we feel, to communicate and connect with people, to inspire or break down dreams. Music is also defined by the people who listen to it and those who criticize it and the author/s ability to convey a meaning and keep them entertained. There’s literally no boundaries to this rapper.

A rapper uses his skills to express themselves about relevant and relatable w/ their audience. The art of rap can be used w/ the songs and lyrics as an outlet to express your innermost feelings about certain issues. ColdKid is definitely an upcoming artist that has the ability to take his music to a level beyond what some would expect.

Although some rappers may express some of those materialistic possessions there’s still those rappers that want to get a message across the world of rap. ColdKid expresses the life he’s lived, living, and wants with the fans that support him to join in on the journey.

As ColdKid builds his career each and everyday we bring you his music. Being dubbed ‘The Future’ here’s his latest track ‘Nah I’m Talking Bout’

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