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Sparx Entertainment’s Inaugural ‘Superstars of the Year’

The year is coming to close in three days with an unknown path laying ahead of all us. The mini holiday is treated with so much cheer that we make resolutions to get ready for the new year. Although many different cultures have their own ways of celebrating the new years and at different times, the new years celebration is the start of something new for the each and every generation.

Since August 4th, we’ve [Sparx Entertainment] has been able to create some entertainment in the sense of exploring up and coming artist and entertainers. We’ve explored the avenue so much that we have a few new years resolutions ourselves and intent to make 2015 a grand year to remember, but that time isn’t here right now. However, with 2014 heading in its last few days this time is better than any to reflect on some of our greatest w/ our inaugural ‘Superstars of the Year’.

In our eyes we’ve seen the best of what entertainment can offer and as our climb to the top begins to excel each and everyday. We intent to reach a pinnacle of entertainment that our fans can enjoy along with us. So here’s the first of many as we show you our ‘Superstars of the Year’. Now in order to achieve this, it’s really simple as you have to display the passion and dedication in uniqueness as an singer/artist/entertainer.

5. Toan Nguyen‘The World’s Strongest’


It’s quite simple why we picked him. Toan has displayed (as we noticed) a dedication to keep his life healthy and fit by, working out and having a stable eating habit. We know for the past few years he’s been dedicated to changing his lifestyle to better himself, but this year marks one of his greatest achievements as he is 2014 Novice Class A Division Champion. That doesn’t come with just wishing for it or hoping it falls in your lap. Toan Nguyen is a man, who not only takes pride in his confidence among living his life the best he can, whether it be enjoying the times with his friends, laughing at the good times, having family time with a strong bond, or even taking his life in the gym to new levels everyday he reaches his goal to push it to the limit and beyond. As Toan heads into the new year we can only wish for the better for this great individual/athlete as his journey to his ultimate success is only beginning. One thing is for certain, Toan Nguyen’s dedication to his health is the major factor that can allow him to enjoy his life as he sees fit. Toan can be described as a determined, balanced, and profound. Although his life is just on a kick-start, this individual has a future in success.

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4. ColdKid ‘The Real & Cold Kid’


Music is an unavoidable ingredient in everyone’s life. Whether its music we play by personal choice or music we hear in supermarkets or a retail store. Society will hear music. What comes along with the music and markets the music is what will affect the listener. These include the casualties of music, its image and its means of promotion. Music does affect society and it is through these mediums in which it achieves it. Like most rappers they always have a motive behind their lyrics. Whether it be conviction, troubled childhood, tragic lost they find a way to bring their life experiences into their music. Once an artist puts his mind to working on his music, you can only appreciate the dedication there was to make the music take you on a journey. ColdKid is one of those artist, writing and reveling in the hip-hop genre of music at the age of 9, the now 21 year old grew up listening to a lot of east coast hip-hop such as Nas, Noreaga, Capone, Gangstarr, and Biggie as well as dabbling west coast and southern hip-hop in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a troubling life that he and his friends began to experience together, his life started to take a turn. Now residing in Florida and writing his truly dedicated release entitled ‘Homesick’ CK mindset is going far like he wants it to be. He wants nothing more then, to explain his life that he lived in the past, and his future. We only can support this young-upcoming artist in the coming year and we hope for the best.

Check out his article: Sparx Entertainment Presents: ‘The Real & Cold Kid’

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