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San Andreas (2015)

For obvious reasons, Hollywood loves to make movies set in Los Angeles and Hollywood also loves to make disaster movies; which means that L.A. has been hit by earthquakes, volcanoes, aliens, tornadoes and countless other calamities over and over again on the big screen. Apparently California hasn’t taken quite enough of a beating just yet, however, so Dwayne Johnson is coming to fix that in San Andreas, a new disaster movie from the director of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (… and The Rock’s family adventure, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island).

The first images from San Andreas were released this week, along with hints from Johnson that it’s as much a road trip (and air trip) movie as it is a disaster movie, as his character commandeers every vehicle and aircraft he can find to get across California and find his daughter (played by Percy Jackson‘s Alexandra Daddario).

The new trailer for San Andreas tries to add a little more gravity to the situation with the foreboding question of “Where will you be?” (actually that’s #WhereWillYouBe), a repeated excerpt of a moody cover song and a dark prediction from Paul Giamatti’s character, but it’s clear that a lot of this movie’s appeal is going to be in its money shots of entire cities rippling, dams bursting, and Johnson flying helicopters past collapsing buildings.

San Andreas is, of course, named after the San Andreas Fault, a meeting of two tectonic plates that extends for over 800 miles through California, and which has already caused a great number of earthquakes since records began. The current research suggests that a major earthquake (over 7.0 on the Richter scale and referred to in predictions as “The Big One”) could occur at any time; and if it happens between now and the release of San Andreas, then the movie could become very tasteless, very fast.

Dwayne Johnson San Andreas San Andreas Trailer: Disaster Time for California Again

San Andreas also stars Ioan Gruffud, Carla Gugino and Arrow cast member Colton Haynes. New Line first began developing the film in 2011 and many different screenwriters have taken a turn at writing the script since then, but the version that will make it to the big screen was written by The Conjuring duo Chad and Carey Hayes. It might not be the most highbrow entertainment, but another disaster movie is a decent enough way to help kick off the summer 2015 box office.

San Andreas opens in U.S. theaters on May 29th, 2015

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