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2 Years Of SPARX: “The Diamond” Whitney Tai

Credit: Whitney Tai; Designed & Edited by, The SPARX Team

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J. Johnson

You can’t become the greatest you aspire to be by sitting around hoping it falls in your lap. The action of going out there to realize your dreams. Whitney Tai is an artist, songwriter, entertainer, and designer from New York City. Tai dreams have been a reality, but not to the extent she wants them to be. Her family is more than musically gifted that she herself would take the same path to use her elegant voice to ring the ears of many fans that support today. At the age of 10, she wrote her very first song entitled, ‘Sheer Ecstasy’.

“Gazing through green pastures, lonely winters freeze, over the rainbow, across the meadow, daffodils blow in the breeze.”

In January 2014, she would take her talent to releasing her first pop single, “To Be Loved” in collaboration with the distinguished Belgian producer, Sunfreakz. Sunfreakz also collaborated on her debut album “Metamorphosis”. “To Be Loved” was a hit single received Hot Shot of the week on two FM stations in Holland. Those recognitions would grab the attention from DJ’s and producers from all over the world. It’s a testament to her music career that when you stay determined the dreams you want to live will come true. Something “The Diamond” will never take for granted. In April 2015, Whitney would show why she wouldn’t take it for granted as she dropped her first debut pop alternative album”Metamorphosis”. Metamorphosis had a change of her personality and the direction her music would go; simply for the betterment of her career.

When we were honored back in 2014 to hear the inspiring Whitney Tai story during the Christmas season. Tai would describe her childhood as being a major influence on her life. Reaching the age of 6 or 7 being a very artistic child, writing poetry, stories, and sketching runway fashion in piles of notebooks. Her atmospheric, sensual, and soulful music has touched many of fans. Even those who hope to achieve any level of success should always have a base for their music as it defines you. Whitney Tai was asked during the feature,

Wall: “How do you think you would like to be remembered by everyone if something were to happen to you suddenly?”

Tai: “I would like to be remembered as someone who truly loved life and filling it with art that “aspires to inspire.” The love and appreciation I have for the beauty and fragility of life definitely filters into everything I do. Whether it’s singing, writing, studying, exploring or building friendships; I am constantly stimulated by beauty and its ability to hurl me into the creative process.”

She would command the stage in 2015 with various performances throughout the great city of New York. Whitney Tai would make the best of theses performance as it fueled the release of many singles such as “Voodoo” with Kern and Meier. “Voodoo” would display the essence of R&B and soul capturing the grace that is Whitney Tai. “Space Between Our Shadows” took on a Pop approach as the lyrics and chorus gave the passion that Tai does best. Towards the end of the year, she would perform her debut album “Metamorphosis” at the Rockwood Music Hall accomplishing that her range of talent will not go unrecognized.

Not only does Whitney Tai rock the stage she also knows how to work the camera. There can be various photoshoots found throughout her social media outlets. It’s something she takes pride in as she depicts not only her voice has style and grace.

Aside from her music and shoots (video or photography), it seems Whitney Tai has been bringing the attention to the NABA Foundation. The foundation reaches out to the poor and orphans in Ghana. They recently organized health talk and donated items to the children at the Rising Star Orphanage Home in Dodowa on July 6th, 2016. Whitney Tai has been trying to raise awareness for this project along with many others that the NABA have created through her social media outlets.

The lovely Whitney Tai is campaigning to see another one of her dreams come true. It’s an incredible piece of film by a team who strives to bring the best quality to the audience willing to participate and be a part of the venture. In the Fall of 2016, Whitney Tai is set to release a dance song with a deep lyrical meaning that it will set the scene on fire. The crew working on the project is striving to hit $8,000 to fund the project that it will take the fans to support. Along with the ones willing to contribute there’re few options to look over so head over to for more information.

Perhaps, it does not do any justice to call Whitney Tai just an artist. She’s truly an inspiration that continues to make her life and those around better for success. Whitney Tai Vlasaty is an artist from New York City who grew up in a family embroiled in music. Her style spans from Soul, Electronica, R&B, & Pop it caters to all those who want to become fans. Despite her influences in life being legacies themselves, Whitney Tai proves time and time again that she will have a tremendous legacy of her own.

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