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House of Cards Season 3: Release Date & Teaser

House of Cards season 3 finally has a release date. Netflix has confirmed that House of Cards season 3 will air on February 27th, 2015. They announced the date on the first of December over Twitter, and included a 12 second promo video. In the video, you could see Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) Underwood walking up some steps to get on Air Force One.

Midway up the steps, Spacey stops, breaks character, and looks at the camera like he is known for doing throughout the series. House of Cards season 2 was released on Valentine’s Day this year. Netflix hasn’t strayed from this year’s date with the release of House of Cards season 3. There has been a lot of general information released regarding House of Cards season 3, and many people are excited to find out what exactly will happen. Frank Underwood finally became the President of the United States, and there are no enemies left for him in congress.

House of Cards season 3 will introduce some new enemies from Russia, and we know that members of the band Pussy Riot, will be playing themselves on the show. There is a UK version of the show which came out in the 1990’s, and many people are looking to the show to see what may happen with House of Cards season 3. The two shows are quite different because of the differences in the two countries political systems (the UK version is based in the United Kingdom).

But, in the UK version of House of Cards, Elizabeth (Claire in the UK series), ends up killing her husband Francis. She has him assassinated to preserve his reputation. But, this is in the fourth season of House of Cards. The Netflix version is only in the third season. Assuming the show is successful again, there will most likely be an additional season of the show. The writers have said that they are looking at the UK version of the show for inspiration, but they are not necessarily trying to provide a 100% faithful adaptation of the material. House of Cards season 3 looks to take the series in a new, but still exciting direction. The entire season releases on Netflix on February 27th, 2015.

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