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‘SPECTRE’ (2015): Bullets, Bruises, & Bond… James Bond (Final Trailer)

Sony Pictures has released what it’s calling the “final” trailer for upcoming James Bond movie Spectre. The video highlights the showdown between Bond and Christoph Waltz’s bad guy character Franz Oberhauser. He is a ranking member of the SPECTRE organization, which will play a major role in the action movie.

This trailer shows off the globe-trotting story viewers can expect; there is a Day of the Dead scene in Mexico City and another set in some snowy mountains. Bond will also travel to what appears to be SPECTRE’s headquarters, which is in the middle of a massive crater in the middle of the desert.

There is plenty of action to be seen here, including an extended version of the helicopter barrel role sequence from past trailers. You can watch the full trailer below.

In other recent news about the film, you can now listen to British singer Sam Smith’s title track for the movie, called “Writing’s on the Wall.” In addition, as rumors are swirling about who will play Bond after Daniel Craig ends his run as the super-spy, Craig himself has come out to say, “I’ll keep going as long as I’m physically able.”

Spectre opens in theaters on October 26 in the UK, followed by a release in the US on November 6.

Official poster ‘SPECTRE’ (2015) | Photo credit: MGM & EON Productions

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