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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Adding Ensemble of Characters

Switching between a number of different developers over the years, there has hardly been a year that has gone by without a release in the Dragon Ball game series. After the rather lackluster Dragon Ball: Battle of Z earlier this year, the much more impressive looking Dragon Ball Xenoverse is set to arrive sometime early next year for the first time on the new generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One among others.

The most intriguing element of Dragon Ball Xenoverse is that it seems to be straying away from the stories that have been retreads forever and are in turn adding new characters that will shake up the stories we’ve seen year after year. In fact, during the Tokyo Game Show, it was revealed that four new characters were being added to the game.

According to Bandai Namco, two new antagonists will be the ones shaking up the timeline, who go by the names of Mira and Towa, both of which have appeared previously in Dragon Ball Online, but are brand new to those outside of that game. The two other characters play on the side of good to push your created characters towards fixing the time stream. These characters are known as the Supreme Kai of Time and TokiToki.

In addition, it was revealed that your created character will be able to choose a master to train under, such as Goku and Vegeta, as you are aiming to thwart Mira and Towa’s actions. With a release scheduled for sometime in early 2015 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, more information is bound to come out soon, so make sure to stay tuned.

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