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‘Marvel’s Avengers’ (2020): Trailer Reveals The Main Antagonist Being M.O.D.A.K.

Image, Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment & Crystal Dynamics

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Avenger’s Assembl… We interrupt this special bulletin with destruction on the brain!

Today, Square Enix assembled the team and showed off some more in-depth gameplay from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers launching into the battle on September 4th, 2020. During the event, Crystal Dynamics also revealed new gameplay from Marvel’s Avengers beyond the events of A-Day via Thor’s Hero Missions titled, ‘Once An Avenger’. The gameplay gave fans a first look at the God of Thunder’s abilities with lightning and the powerful Mjolnir cyclone with other moves. Each hero will have three iconic moves split into three categories: Assault, Ultimate, and Support.

The feature Hero Missions are a single-player campaign focusing on specific characters. Thor’s mission is just one of many stories that you can follow through a variety of their narrative and backstory.


Thor & Mjolnir | Images, Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment & Crystal Dynamics

We were treated to a half-hour event titled, the “War Table” where not only did we get a deeper look at the combat system and the mission structure but we also got a look at the game’s main antagonist, M.O.D.A.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing).

This is the first time the iconic Marvel villain is being prominently featured in a Marvel project outside the comic and crossover fighting games. This new trailer explains how the game fits M.O.D.A.K. into the story being told in this game. Marvel’s Avengers follows Kamala Khan (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel) as she tries to reunite the Avengers who have been cast aside by society. Making her mission harder are past ties to George Tarleton, the low-key insane leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics who eventually transforms himself into M.O.D.O.K.

“I will rid the Earth of superpowers,” Tarleton says in the trailer. “Even if it has to end with me.”

Marvel’s Avengers will release simultaneously for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Stadia, and PC on September 4, 2020.

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