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STAR WARS: Battlefront (2015) – Director Krennic Gameplay

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Soon I will be the Emperor’s closest confidant.

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Orson Krennic was the Director of the Empire’s Advanced Weapons Research division. His attitude is that of perfection in every way that he wants to please the Emperor no matter the sacrifices he has to make. in a a way Krennic‘s approach to becoming director has definitely been a self-motive task. In Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) he wields the Dt-29 Blaster Pistol as his primary weapon and is accompanied by two Death Troopers; these troopers are a special unit of Imperials that are highly regarded for their intelligence and mercanary skills, serves as Krennic‘s bodyguards.

When you pick Krennic his abilities are primarily based on the aspect of being a defensive hero. Combing his highly damaging blaster with the shield provides his C2-B5 droid, his Death Troopers, and the bonushealth he gives to allies surrounding him makes him useful in battling the Rebels. The Motivator trait provides armor bonus to any ally standing near him and he also gains armor himself when surrounded by friendly allies. It works effectively when you have a larger group of soldiers surrounding in battle.


Captured by, The Average Player; Credit: EA/DICE/Lucasfilm

If you have good aim and clear lines of sight, always use the armor breaker, as it will instantly kill any infantry standing close to the shot, do significant damage and considerably lower the armor of a Hero, and one shot any aircraft. Try to use the C2-B5 droid to defend your flank, and pop out of its shield to pick off enemies. Wrath of the Empire is great when your troops are trying to push through a doorway. Generally, Krennic isn’t the spearhead of an attack. He is the one that will be used to pick the enemy off from behind the battlefront.

In the gameplay I captured not only does the battlefront help me utilize my surrounding, but in various instants I use the allied forces to my advantage to flank the objectives. I hope you all enjoy the gameplay below:

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