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Bond 25: Craig Is Back & Danny Boyle Will Direct

Daniel Craig as James Bond; Skyfall (2012) | Credit: MGM

James Bond reporting for duty…

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Sean Wall

After much speculation and rumors of Daniel Craig being officially done playing James Bond, it seems the blonde hair gritty actor will return for a 5th time to portray 007 in Bond 25 and Danny Boyle is set to direct. Via the official James Bond Twitter account, it was there that Danny Boyle will direct Bond 25 with a script that was written by John Hodge. In what many thought to be the end of the Craig era, after he reportedly said, he would rather slit his wrist than do another movie as the famed Bond, those rumors are finally put to rest. During a recent red carpet interview, Craig was asked once again if he would play bond and he responded with, “we’ll see, we’ll see.” Instead, it seems like Craig is set to earn a massive amount of money, unlike the previous films he’s done.

For the past few months, Danny Boyle was rumored to be the director, but he would go onto to note that he had other projects to work on while stating that if anything, concerning Bond 25, it would happen towards the end of the year.

It has been previously reported that MGM has been looking to sell off the James Bond franchise. The top bidder was rumored to be Sony but those reports have been proven false. Especially the ones that have been reported that MGM was using the James Bond franchise as their selling point. Instead, production on Bond 25 will begin on December 3rd, while MGM will partner with Universal Pictures to release the film worldwide.

It’s exciting news that Daniel Craig is willing to return as the famed secret agent, James Bond and that director Danny Boyle will be working together on Bond 25. Not to mention that this is the 25th film of the franchise, which means the script John Hodges has written may be a special one that will expand on the lore of James Bond and those he works with.

Bond 25 will hit theatres on November 8th.


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