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STAR WARS: Battlefront II – Hero Showdown (Gameplay)

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Heroes versus villains. Light versus dark. Two teams of two battle for galactic supremacy. 

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Out of all the modes in Star Wars: Battlefront II, Heroes vs. Villains is the only mode that requires the most skill. You have to learn each special ability for each character and then, use them at the right time. For example, using Luke Skywalker‘s Force Repulse ability will leave you vulnerable for multiple enemies to attack, but used correctly it can be a powerful recovery tactic to defeat your enemies. That doesn’t go for just Luke’s abilities those like Darth Vader‘s Focus Rage, Kylo Ren‘s Frenzy, Chewbacca‘s Charge Slam, and Rey‘s Dash Strike all leave these characters open for attack for a limited period of time. Heroes vs Villain not only has those aspects of being on your guard but it’s a fun mode to play with your favorite hero or villain spanning from three eras of Star Wars.

During the Han Solo Season update on May 16th, DICE would add a new mode that would expand the Heroes vs. Villains aspect of the game called, Hero Showdown. The objective of this mode is simple two teams of two players, either the Light side or the Dark side as Heroes of Villains, respecitvely, must try to eliminate the other team in order to win a round. After each round ends, the winning team of that round can no longer choose from the heroes or villains that they played to win that round. It adds that element of forcing players to use each character in battle and can possibly give the other team the edge, especially if players don’t know how to use a certain character on the roster.


Credit: DICE/EA

With all that broken down lets just say that my time playing Hero Showdown is truly a fun experience. Especially when you’re losing to the oppose team, it causes you to try harder and think before you engage with the other team. However, there are some advantages to this mode such as the elimination aspect that can make the match a 2 on 1 situation and the fact that this causes you to play every character which can help in the various other modes — Galactic Assault & Heroes vs. Villains.

In that experience I captured some of the gameplay of playing the new Hero Showdown mode:

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