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REVEAL: Battlefield V: War Will Never Be The Same! (Official Trailer)

Credit: DICE/EA

DICE reveals a mind-blowing look at World War II in a hellish way in the upcoming Battlefield V.

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An hour ago, we got our first look at what the team at DICE was working on since their last update for Battlefield 1. The franchise is continuing to evolve with the concept of war that newest installment will returns to its root with a “never-before-seen” take on the war of World War II.

During the live reveal event for the game, the developers weren’t shy to announce how different BFV will be from BF1 as we saw various ‘concept art explorations’ that provided some very detailed look at maps. Campaign mode does make a comeback but we do know that much of the campaign will be told like it was in Battlefield 1. Playing various war stories that revolved individuals in different locations. A chuck of the story will be Nordlys and is set in Norway, in the year 1943. The story follows a young woman trying to fight and save her family from an unknown threat. A big thing is the Premium Pass, that’s no longer an option as developers want players to enjoy the full capacity of the game in-full. New maps and modes will be free add-ons from the beginning.


Credit: DICE/EA

New to the franchise is Combined Arms mode that will test the strength and will of vets and new recruits in a all-or-nothing online co-op mode up to four players. It will also have a kind of random mission generator that will push the teams to the test of achieving the objective at hand. Speaking of push a team the overhaul of “Operations” is getting a new look with “Grand Operations”. The mode is a 64-player showdown that spans multiple rounds and maps, complete with voiceover narration. The team’s performance will impact them through each round until the end.

Although there’s a lot to disgest about this game there’s something that could create a fun new realism to Battlefield V. It’s the respawning and resources for each class of soldier as it turns the automatic into a manual process. First, the ammo and medic kits, you can no longer just stand next to the pack get the ammo and healing pack like magic, you actually have to grain and get it before you die. Same goes with respawing, you no longer are geared up at the start, you have some ammo and you’ll have to head to your home base or capture a flag and manually resupply, or scrounge on the battlefield for downed soldier’s equipment. In Battlefield V, every solider will be equipped with a tool kit. That kit will be helpful for you to build a resupply station at capture points as well as fortifications like sandbags, barbed wire, and foxholes.


Credit: DICE/EA

Along with these changes are the changes to the four main classes — Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout all remain in the game but there’s a deeper meaning in terms of tailoring each one in a different way.

There’s no doubt Battlefield V will be an amazing addition to the franchise and I for one can’t wait for the release of this game but if you haven’t already — which YOU NEED TO SEE NOW — here’s the INSANE reveal trailer of Battlefield V:

Be ready to deploy for Battlefield V on October 11th for EA subscribers, October 16th for the Deluxe Edition, and October 19th for the Standard Edition.

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