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Hoop And Life ‘The Worst Injury – Motivational | Inspirational’ (2018)

Edited by, The SPARX Team

There are various pressures when you dealing with the objective of success. You have to ask yourself one question, how far are you willing to go to succeed?

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J. Johnson

Life presents obstacles that everyone breathing today will have to endure. Some will endure them with a little bit of a struggle but if they survive it, nothing will be able to stop them. Nelson Chan of Hoop and Life provides you with a little insight of what he calls ‘The Worst Injury’. His passion for the sport of basketball is riddled with some of the worst injuries, however, riddled with some true comeback stories that many athletes of the sport have been able to strive from.

We get to hear from the man himself about how an injury can be nothing more than a minor set back for a bigger plan of the future. If there is one thing injuries do it’s revealing an inner strength one thought they never had. For those who go through injuries throughout their sports career know that life can only get better as time goes on. Chan’s video clearly depicts the what an athlete may go through while rehabbing an injury that could potentially be the end. Another aspect Chan captures is the silence occurring in some scenes, it’s almost reflective of the athlete him/herself is trying to look towards a better tomorrow.


Nelson Chan; Hoop And Life | Edited by, The SPARX Team

To give you a little synopsis of what you’re going to see; Nelson Chan shoots a documentary-style video that talks about the struggles on the worst injury. He provides you with a walkthrough on something that could happen to many athletes and possibly to himself. Chan’s insight can motivate the next aspiring athlete all the while inspire those already in the sport of basketball.

Here’s the official video ‘The Worst Injury – Motivational | Inspirational‘ feat. Nelson Chan:

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