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Episode XIX: Hunter X Hunter

Credit: Togashi Yoshihiro

Survival & being the best is the name of the game. Be a hunter, not the hunted.

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Togashi Yoshihiro is well known for his work on Yu Yu Hakusho, an anime that became a direct-rival in terms of its story in the mid-90s. Although Yu Yu Hakusho didn’t have the same draw power DBZ did the show and its creator is heralded among some of the greats in conversation. Following the success of Yu Yu Hakusho is another enthralling anime from Togashi and hasn’t received much fanfare (as it should), Hunter X Hunter. This anime should’ve gotten a huge buzz like others coming up the rank (Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, & One Punch Man). Hunter X Hunter not only stays consistent with the pace of the show but remains enormously entertaining through the use of its animation, characterization, and plot. This also holds true Yoshihiro not relying on the same old cliches that run into the ground on a constant basis. However, after watching all the available episodes and reading a majority of the manga this article is a review in the hope that you too will check out Hunter X Hunter.

Let’s start with the synopsis:

Gon Freecs, a young boy living with his aunt on Whale Island, thought his father to be dead. That is until a chance meeting with the Hunter Kaito. It is through Kaito that Gon learns of the rich legacy of Hunters, people who explore the unknown aspects of the world in all its facets. Gon also learns that his father, Jin Freecs, is not only alive but is, in fact, the greatest Hunter in the world. It is with this knowledge that Gon ventures out into the world with the goal of becoming a Hunter and finding the whereabouts of his father, all the while making several friends and having many adventures of his own.

The synopsis right there provides you with a little vibrant outlook at what’s going to happen in this anime. It tells you how Gon wants to achieve his goal with who the main character is, his goal, how the main character got involved in something directed towards his goal, and a vast world to explore along with it. However, as happy as this story is made out to be there’s a lot of twists and turns that continuously keep the story fresh and stray the character off the trail of the main goal. At times the viewer is taken on the path to bring Gon closer to his goal of finding his father only to witness him be taken down a path that’s threatening others lives in the process. Throughout these offbeat situations, you begin to understand the clear sense of Gon and his friends growing into strong-minded characters, which brings us to the beloved supporting cast of characters that help shape Gon along his journey. Gon’s companions include Killua, Leorio, and Kurapica. Each of these characters provides a level of sensibility and their own backstories that even empower Gon indirectly. Killua is a member of an esteem assassin family that has a frightening dark side to him, Leorio has his heart set on the almighty dollar but doesn’t mind getting his whacked out mind into trouble, and Kurapica has the darkest history of them all as his clan was murdered by a devious group, making him the only survivor, Kurapica vows to avenge his clan with the member’s lives. Equally compelling are the more contemptible figures of this tale such as Hisoka, Kuroro, and the rest of the Genei Ryodan. The vastly different personalities are the reason some of the main characters is such a great show overall.


Credit: Togashi Yoshihiro

Unlike Yu Yu Hakusho, Togashi creates an unexpected turn with a lighter tone of fighting throughout the show. Yu Yu Hakusho had a bountiful offering of battles. Don’t take this as the show not having its fair share of great battles but the main focus seems to be the telling of Gon’s story and understanding the characters that surround him. Another aspect that brings things in line with the anime itself is the use of music from the opening and ending theme. You get a cheery opening theme that quotes a memorable tagline almost reminiscing of One Piece and then by the end you have a hard rock feeling that gives the viewer the sense of wanting to watch the next episode. Additionally, the animation is visually appealing as immerses the viewer into the strange undiscovered world Gon and company is about to explore. Each character has a unique design that’s tailored specifically to their characteristics that are hard to miss any impact they may have on the plot or the characters of the anime.

There’s no telling what’s next for Hunter X Hunter. Will it continue to be this mysterious anime that don’t deserve the praise necessary or will the fandom finally catch up with an anime that’s still in development via manga but on hiatus through the anime? In any case, it’s best you catch up with the anime/manga right now before you fall very much behind the rest. Hunter X Hunter is a good show that’s universality should be Togashi Yoshihiro’s newest masterpiece and any less could be doing the series itself a little injustice.

UkNO the rating: 4stars

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