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Star Wars IX: The Script Is Finished & Possible Production Date?

Credit: Lucasfilms & Disney Studios

The final installment to the ‘Force Awakens’ trilogy may start as the script is now finished and a possible summer date to shoot is on the horizon.

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Sean Wall

You must be saying to yourself “Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t hit theaters yet let alone a trailer hasn’t been released either so why talk about Episode IX?” Honestly, it’s never too early to mention a little piece of news as it becomes available such as Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World 2) has been tapped to helm Star Wars 9 and even with a few months away from filming and pre-production. However, according to Trevorrow a completed draft of the screenplay for Star Wars Episode IX is finished.

MTV would catch up with Colin Trevorrow and obviously asked about the current status of Star Wars IX. Although the production hasn’t officially begun he couldn’t say too much but a little insight is always a good measure of hope. Colin Trevorrow is also currently working on his movie ‘The Book of Henry” and producing Jurassic World 2.

“We’re writing, we’re designing, and there is a draft. You know, we’re throwing 110 percent of our souls into it so there will be nothing left of me when I’m done.”

There have also been reports of Star Wars IX being slotted for filming in the summer. It would mean Star Wars IX is looking at a full two years before its rumored release date of May 23rd, 2019. However, if the production is to be believed then, the filming for Star Wars 9 will start this July in London. That would make a little more sense seeing as production wraps on Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, which has been filming at Pinewood since late January.

We shouldn’t expect too much information being revealed seeing as nowadays Star Wars movies have been working very secretive about any and all information being leaked. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due to come out in December and we haven’t seen any footage regarding the film only time will play a role as the Star Wars Celebration is literally around the corner where a big surprise for the upcoming film is pegged for the event. Colin Trevorrow would also include that he’s prepared and laying things out for fans so even with the script likely going through several other drafts, it’s good to know the draft for the rumored final chapter in the Skywalker saga is done.

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