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Dragon Ball ‘Super’ Episode 79: Universe 9’s Basil “The Kicker” vs. Majin Buu

Credit: Akira Toriyama; Edited by, The SPARX Team

After the King of Everything Zen-O-Sama (Past & Future) reveals the shocking stipulation of the losing universes being blown up the tournament is underway. Well no quite as the Zen-Exhibition match pitting Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu of Universe 7 versus Basil, Lavenda, and Bergamo representing Universe 9 are first!

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We’re three episodes into the anticipated “Universal Survival” arc with an exhibition match between Universe 7’s Majin Buu and Universe 9’s Basil “The Kicker” organized by Zen-O-Sama and his future counterpart. After Goku pressing the King of Everything to have this tournament we also learned that the losing universes will be wiped out completely. Speaking of universes we also got a glimpse of the other Gods of Destruction with their respective Supreme Kais and Angels. Team Universe 7 consisted of Goku, Gohan, and Majin Buu and on the opposing side, Universe 9 featured humanoid wolf brothers calling themselves “Trio of Dangers”. With the stakes so higher than it’s ever been before you have to wonder what lengths each fighter will go through to win.

In episode 78, Majin Buu didn’t seem to be taking the match seriously as Basil practically was handing Buu an a**kicking. However, with each kick packing the bite needed to knock some sense into Buu they ultimately unfazed the pink entity of destruction. At the end, Basil thought he won the match but with a familiar grin from Buu, it was far from the case. That leads into the next episode as Basil is laughing and berating Buu for being weak which sees Supreme Kai of Universe 9 joining along with him. Much of their knowledge as Buu is laying on his back, the former Majin warrior is unharmed and enjoying himself like it’s a game. To make the match a little interesting Goku taunts Universe 9 by suggesting to show their true power against Buu. We see the battle quickly escalate as Basil unleashes a destructive attack called Shining Blaster which causes Mr. Satan to get hurt. This would only get Buu angry as we see the iconic steam released from holes in his body. Buu would turn the battle in his favor beating Basil badly. Following this Basil was given a steroid-like drug enhancing his fighting capabilities. The match ended with Buu unleashing his own version of the Kamehameha. Basil would remain standing only for the drug to wear off and he collapses to the floor.

Episode 79, was a classy throwback to the Dragon Ball Z series where the fighting dominated each episode. Although we didn’t get too much story and character development but we did get several teasers and hints abut the future. The mystery still swirls as we don’t know who the fighter in the cloak is from Universe 11. It’s also interesting to note that Universe 9 doesn’t have any detectable energy. Most of all will we see the true intentions of each God of Destruction? With the King(s) of Everything enjoying the first fight episode 80 will have the second exhibition match as it was announced Gohan will face off against Lavenda. The excitement mounts with all Dragon Ball fans as Gohan hasn’t fought since attaining the Mystic form against ‘Super’ Buu.

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