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MC Jin & The New Year

Credit: MC Jin; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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Sean Wall

In the wake of the new year, many talented individuals embark on new journeys. In the past two years, our experience with working many people have taught us that each new year will challenge you and the process of embarking on the journeys will produce a fruitful resolution. That’s proven to be correct with one artist that continues to never be afraid to fail and learns from each failure His days of being a comedian have been put on hold as he makes a minor transition to music. Jin’s activities on social media have grown with these three ventures, the #twenty17sFor2017, the release of his first single “Rhyme Book” coming out on January 20th, and his new album “Nobody’s Listening” being released on Valentine’s Day.

His #twenty17sFor2017 project has been met with mostly positive criticism as it involves fans that have been a fan of his from the beginning of his career and new fans that were introduced to him last year. Each day of the 17 bar-rap consists of him talking about a certain topic. On December 19th, the first unofficial one featured popular TV Shows like The Walking Dead, Empire, and like that the rest is history. You can listen and hear the 18 videos on a special playlist via MC Jin’s official YouTube channel.

On October 2014, MC Jin would release his latest album XIV:LIX. The album was tailored about his life from his 106&Park days to him becoming a father/husband, and his newly found love for God. Two years later, MC Jin’s aspirations for music still hasn’t died as his new album “Nobody’s Listening” is set to drop on Valentine’s Day. However, the first single he’s released since “Complicated” (featured on the XIV:LIX album) entitled “Rhyme Book” is set to be out this Friday but there’s no telling if it will be on the album.

The year of 2017 will be an interesting year for Jin as he’s anticipating to release various musical endeavors. Will they live up to the hype? That remains to be seen as he’s off to a great start with the #twenty17sFor2017. Don’t forget to support the great rapper in all his ventures as he truly does it for the fans, something most rappers don’t regularly do.

Take a look at this playlist featuring the #twenty17sFor2017 videos:

“Rhyme Book” will be out on January 20th & “Nobody’ Listening” on Valentine’s Day.

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