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Over the past three decades, an anime full of action and drama has captured the focus of pop culture. It’s called Dragon Ball & the moments witnessed by millions around the world will forever be the testament of the show’s success. Dragon Ball has been widely praised for the art, characterization, and humor of the story. It’s regarded as one of the greatest manga series ever made with many artists like Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), Tite Kubo (Bleach), & much more citing Dragon Ball as an inspiration for their own popular work. From the development of its characters to the storytelling, it’s only fitting that we honor the best moments from the Dragon Ball series.

  1. Goku Black & Zamasu

Credit: Toriyama Animations; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Credit: Toriyama Animations; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Dragon Ball ‘Super’ has revitalized the entire franchise as it seemed like follow up wouldn’t come ever. All thanks to the release of two theatrical movies “Battle of Gods” & “Resurrection of F”, Akira Toriyama decided it was time to revisit the story of Goku and the heroes that defend the universe. However, in the ‘Future Trunks’ arc we were introduced to a duo that wanted to spread their own sense of justice. The duo manipulated three different timelines altering various points in time that were crucial in the stability of the universe. One struck an uncanny resemblance to Goku coining the name Goku Black from Future Bulma and the other was Zamasu a Kai that despised humans for their overzealous attitudes towards the plan but mainly for the fact that Trunks would do something even Gods are forbidden to do; travel back in time to change the future. Zamasu’s intelligence to conceive this plan from the time Trunks traveled first traveled to the present is brilliant. His rage and planning would only take time and him using the Super Dragon Balls to gain immortality is a perfect way to defeat Goku. Also, he is fully confident in his strength coupled by his immorality, reveling in and referring to it as befitting him. Something you wouldn’t expect to see is his concern and care to Goku Black when he is being beaten and pushed back by his opponent that is a huge downfall to his character during the fight but a great addition as it shows that despite his ruthless approach to others his personality is well-rounded. As for Goku Black his fighting style though inherited by the wish of the Super Dragon Balls takes a new meaning when asked the question “What if Goku was evil?” Black makes his appearance felt during the Future Trunks Arc by killing Future Bulma in front of Trunks. His ruthless attitude and remorseless morality makes him one of the deadliest enemies since Cell. One thing that’s very interesting about Goku Black is that he may not have the fighting experience like Goku but his power is truly pound for pound on par with the World’s Strongest. As Goku needed to be backed into a corner to become a Super Saiyan it only took Black the desire to achieve such power. You combine Black’s desire to become stronger and Zamasu’s desire to wipe human life from existence you have a catastrophic dilemma that won’t end well for the defenders of the universe.

  1. Vegeta’s Revenge

Credit: Toriyama Animations; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Credit: Toriyama Animations; Edited by, The SPARX Team

For years the evil tyrant known as Frieza would use a group of powerful warriors to conquer galaxies he desired. These warriors are the Saiyan race which even beyond their own knowledge was the ultimate race to not only reach new heights but could have ruled the universe if they saw fit to do so. Frieza acknowledged that these warriors could reach immense feats so in his evil jealousy he would wipe the entire race from existence, or so he thought. Only a few would survive, Goku was shipped to Earth as baby, Paragus/Broly departed due to the power that Paragus knew his son possessed, Vegeta son of King Vegeta; who was on a mission for the tyrant Frieza along with Nappa, Raditz was as well on mission for Frieza, & Goku’s father Bardock which was later explained to be sent back in time only to encounter Frieza’s ancestor. Bardock would also he became the Legendary Super Saiyan that Vegeta once spoke of during the Namek invasion by Frieza. Now how does tie into Vegeta’s revenge? When Planet Vegeta was destroyed and Vegeta himself found out that his home planet, his race, and father were destroyed by Frieza his rage built to a festering boiling point. Vegeta would attempt to exact revenge during Frieza’s visit to Namek but would be killed before even succeeding. Vegeta would be brought back to life and for years’ train to become stronger than his arch-rival Goku. Although that still remains to be his focused goal all the time, one could wonder how would Vegeta fair against Frieza if the evil tyrant would come back to life. In 2015, those questions were answered as, ‘Resurrection of F’ saw a theatrical release where we saw both Goku & Vegeta reach the ultimate form of Super Saiyan dubbed Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan Blue for short. After an extensive battle between the nemesis Goku & Frieza, it appeared to be Vegeta’s turn him. Vegeta would exclaim that he would show no mercy like Goku has done. That fight scene is so rewarding if you realize the pent-up rage that dwelled deep inside Vegeta as he never expressed that kind of anger since Bulma was slapped by Lord Beerus. Frieza’s surprise at Vegeta supposed empty word becoming reality left the tyrant at a loss for words. Any Vegeta fan would get goosebumps watching Vegeta literally knock the power level out of Frieza’s flamboyant bravado.

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