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Toonami: ‘Dragon Ball Super’ [Extended Trailer]

Credit: Toriyama Animation

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Thanks to Toonami fans now have an extended first look into Dragon Ball Super’s anticipated debut. Next Saturday, Dragon Ball Super is set to debut in the United States on Adult Swim’s revival lineup of Toonami. Courtesy of Funimation the nightly program will have a block set for the English dub anime series and this new trailer reintroduces longtime fans to some familiar voices. The trailer features some highlights of the English dub’s first saga.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse of Goku’s life as he’s a farm with his old habits not dying as fast as his adversaries have done. After being asking by his son Goten why he must continue to train, Goku explains the reason being that he must protect the Earth. “Majin Buu was ridiculously strong. One day, someone even stronger could show up” This new series will prove why Goku wasn’t fabricating this message to his son.

Vegeta powering up | Credit: Toriyama Animation

Vegeta powering up | Credit: Toriyama Animation

In the first saga, we will visit the arc of ‘God of Destruction: Beerus’, which has 14 episodes. Goku will have to prove why his message to Goten will remain the truth as long as the those with intention of destruction exist. The battle between Goku and his universe’s God of Destruction will all start with a simple disturbingly odd dream from Beerus. He then travels with his sidekick Whis to find Goku which int turns becomes an obsession of Beerus to fight the Z-fighters in the unknown Super Saiyan God state.

Now for those who hasn’t seen it—yes there are still many that haven’t seen it yet—you will have to wait until the full episode is ready for its release or find some way to watch the Japanese version if you’re willing to spoil it for yourself. And given that Toonami’s Dragon Ball Super will take awhile to capture with the Japanese version it’s definitely worth the wait. In February, a brand-new arc is set to debut with the ‘Universal Survival Tournament’ saga. There’s little information known about the plot except that all 12 universes will participate, and that Universe 7’s team will feature, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu, Krillin, Tien, Android 18, and the returning Gohan and Artifical Human No. 17.

Producer Shunki Hashizume has gone on to say this about the upcoming arc, “Dragon Ball Super enters its new chapter, the “Universe Survival Arc”.

Now enough of me explaining everything, here’s the extended trailer for Dragon Ball Super’s English dub:

Dragon Ball Super premieres on Adult Swim’s Toonami on January 7th, 2017

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