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Mission Impossible V Will Be Released This July

Mission Impossible 5 is cruising along, pun intended, as Tom Cruise’s latest effort as Ethan Hunt has Paramount saying it will arrive in theaters December 25. But, production is going so well on the film that the studio has moved it up to July 31.

And given how we were already calling 2015 the best summer ever with all those blockbusters set to be released, Paramount must be feeling really, really good about the latest Mission Impossible movie.

The last one, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, was not only the best in the series, but it was also by far the most successful box office-wise.


Christopher McQuarrie (Cruise’s director for Jack Reacher) is behind the camera this time out and it brings back Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg while introducing new characters played by Alec Baldwin and Simon McBurney. We will miss Paula Patton, though, we have to admit!

We don’t have any plot details or even a single Mission Impossible 5 still yet, but stay tuned. As the film is set to be released merely months from now, those will come fast and furious.

Until then, watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol online now.

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