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Review: “You Should Know” By, Tribe Chillin (2016)

Credit: Tribe Chillin; Edited by, The SPARX Team

Written by,
Sean Wall

A song that marks the evolution of Las Vegas‘ rising artists.

Produced by Tribe member, WAVE MMLZ, the new song comes at a time that seems perfect than any. The new year is around the corner what better way to leave the year than a new track that gives you an overview of the group known as Tribe Chillin. Each member brings their own unique style to the track that only makes you wonder if this something to happen from this day forward. On December 16th, that question was answered as The Tribe will be releasing new music every Tuesday until the new EP is fully released. One thing’s for certain with this group that all members have never lost their vibe that gained them the reputation amongst the Vegas and the underground.

You Should Know” definitely sends a message to everyone that’s been a fan for so long shouldn’t make no mistake about who they are even with them being away for awhile. You expected another semi-hardcore hip-hop song from this impassioned group, but the momentum has seemed to scale back and for the better. As the song progressed you get the sense that everyone’s confessions of what you should be knowing are like a resolution for their disappearance. Whether or not that’s a secret undertone I could be wrong but that’s something to think about. One concern of mine is the delivery as you hear the peak of it but dips not to take away from the hard work, but still, has redeeming qualities to get better as they clean it up for the rest of the tracks coming on the various Tuesdays. Nevertheless, The Tribe is back and that’s the best part seeing as they continue to evolve with the times and experiment with new sounds there’s no denying they will become famous one day.

Here are some reactions from some of the fans that have been waiting for a new song:

If you there’s any doubt to what you don’t know about The Tribe well maybe it’s time for you know because you should know by now that Tribe Chillin‘s passion is purely determination of a dream.

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