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Pokemon ‘Generations’ Episode 15: The King Returns

Credit: The Pokémon Company; Edited by, The SPARX Team

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Each week the episodes for Pokémon Generations starts to take a realistic view from what many players of the franchise have experienced throughout the known six generations. Last week, the city of Opelucid was under attack by the resurgence of Team Plasma. It’s clear that Team Plasma member Zinzolin will stop at nothing to initiate the new plan of taking over the Unova region. The city’s mayor and Gym leader Drayden would try to take on the devious team along with his Hoaxrus but Team Plasma’s ship would loom overhead to show the people of Opelucid what new powers they have. Colress would be the one commanding the ship and use the powers of Kyurem to freeze the city.

As we move from the city of Opelucid we witness the battle between Ghetsis and the mysterious trainer N in the Giant Chasm. After Ghetsis revealed himself to be the true mastermind behind the resurgence of Team Plasma, he would reveal that his intentions of liberating Pokemon were all a ploy that he used N for. The battle of the two former members would battle it out with Kyurem and Reshiram. Ghetsis would reveal that Kyurem can realize its true form with the newly obtain DNA Splicer, fusing Reshiram and Kyurem together. Ghetsis would criticize N about being able to communicate with Pokemon telling him it’s humanly impossible. However, N would be reassured that Reshiram could hear his cries to fight back. As Ghetsis would order White Kyurem to attack N a mysterious electrical surge would intervene. Zekrom and Hilbert would be the ones to save N and challenge Ghetsis along with the White Kyurem as the scene fades to black.

This episode was powerful as it depicted the mercy of N as he was in the video games. It also showed the actions of each character involved finally being shown through their words. The action was heated like they usually have been in the last few episodes and with that you’ll surely be entertained. You could only wonder with the series coming closer to the end what will happen next a conclusion of the Unova region or the start of Kalos? We just have to wait until next week…

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