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“Send A Message” Zannie Dee & Jerico (PROD. CJ Beats)

Credit: DJ AR & PortriatVibe

Written by,
Sean Wall

Hidden gems. You only find those through looking high and low. That’s exactly what we did when we found Zannie Dee & Jerico with their latest track, “Send A Message“. It’s powerfully relatable on many levels for any age that they’ve struck gold.

Remember the ‘Godfather‘ intro theme? For those who do, this latest track from young aspiring artists Zannie Dee & JericoSend A Message” will have that vibe like that intro had. In the beginning, you get a slow playing piano with a subtle bass flow playing in the background. It only takes a  few seconds for Zannie & Jerico to deliver the straight right hook—pun intended—getting you instantly involved. Lyrically these two artists ripped a whole in time. You have to give props to those who can construct words in a way that will send your mind into a tailspin. The lyrics also play on the emotions that you can read in between the lines as there’s something to be said.

You listen to Hip-hop or Rap now and it doesn’t drive a true message anymore. Yes, some artists still do that but it’s vastly an underrated concept that died after the mid-2000s. Two outspoken artists along with others I’ve personally have listened to share some similarities to legendary artists that made a name for themselves off their life stories or relating to their fans back in the 1990s. As the duo is making a subtle but impactful wave a one minute clip was tweeted earlier today filmed by, PortraitVibe and edited by, DJ AR. If there’s an upcoming MV, their fan base will get a visual of what they accomplish in the studio. Zannie Dee, Jerico, DJ AR are among the group of Las Vegas talent pool that’s crossed the path of SPARX Entertainment. The Tribe (Chillin), WAVE MMLZ, FLOW Simpson, Haresha, Richie Rizo, and more share the same passion and drive to spread the message that starting from the bottom is not always bad and that what you do with the talents you are blessed with can make a difference.

Here’s the new track “Send A Message” by Zannie Dee & Jerico:

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