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Pokémon ‘Generations’ Episode 1-2: The Adventure & The Chase

Credit: The Pokemon Company

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Pokémon: Generations‘ was announced on September 13th, as a new experience for fans to see the World of Pokémon in a new way. For 2 decades, Pokémon has captured the hearts of millions, from kids of the 90’s to the new generation of kids just being introduced to Pokémon a few years ago. The new revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series giving the viewer a brand-new sort of behind the scenes look into what mysteries lie in the world of Pokémon. You can witness the nostalgic region of Kanto to the cultural burst of Kalos with new eyes.

Today, The Pokémon Company released two episodes of the anime shorts, giving fans a first look at the world of the new animated short series.

In the first episode, we get an overview of sorts, starting off with the Pokémon video games (Red, Blue, & Yellow) sequence featuring Gengar and Nidorino. Red and his loyal Pikachu are battling their way through all six known regions. In each region, Red and Pikachu encounter a Legendary Pokémon, including Zapdos, Lugia, Landorus, and Zygarde as well as battle Nosepass, Vigoroth, Caterpie, and Reggigas. Notable Pokémon landmarks are showcased as well like Kanto’s Viridian Forest, Johto‘s Ecruteak City, the Weather Institute in Hoenn, the Snowpoint Temple of Sinnoh, the Relic Castle of Unova, and Terminus Cave in Kalos. The second episode introduces Looker, a detective who has appeared in multiple Pokémon games, as he and a team raid the Viridian City gym to bring down Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. It also referenced Giovanni‘s battles with Red and Blue before disappearing and going into assumed retirement.

You get a sense that Pokémon: Generations is not only succeeding in being different than the anime series but making the story center around action and a story plot explaining the essential roles of each character involved. Pokémon: Generations is the second Pokémon anime to adhere close to the worlds of the games and relying closely on the animation similar to Pokémon: Origins.

Pokémon: Generations‘ Episode 1 “The Adventure” & Episode 2 “The Chase” are now online on Pokémon YouTube. Every week a new episode will be released through the end of the year.

Here’s the trailer:

Source(s): The Pokémon Company & Pokémon Channel

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