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Jay Park “Aquaman” [MV]

Credit: Jay Park

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Sean Wall

In just about a week, the summer season will draw to a close. The foliage will begin to disappear leaving that wicked and naturally beautiful feel ushering in the Fall and Winter months. Despite all that happen in a little while the beginning of September saw Jay Park, releasing a fresh new song for his fans not wanting the heartthrob to leave the summer on a dry note.

The song “Aquaman” is off Jay Park‘s new digital single entitled “Me Like Yuh“, which was released online on September 2nd at midnight KST and featuring Hoody. It was also produced by his friend Cha Cha Malone, whom he has worked with before on tracks such as “Bestie” and “Speechless“.

In the MV Jay Park performs on a runway in the desert, which features plenty of models for three men and a car filled with water like a hot tub. While the video itself is rated PG-15, the English lyrics are rather explicit given the nature of Jay Park. The video gives the fans of the ‘Jaywalkers‘ days a closer look at his smooth dance moves. The back dancers are Landon Wilkins, who also created the choreography and Devin Solomon.

Source(s): Jay Park

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